I’m an engineer with an interest in nutrition who seeks things numerically.


My wife is a type 1 diabetic and I have a family history of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Recently, by refining our diet to prioritize low insulinogenic nutrient dense foods I’m pleased to say that my wife Monica has been able to achieve of improved blood sugar control, increased energy and reduced depression and anxiety that so often comes with blood sugar dysregulation.

She’s now able to enjoy working as a teacher rather than just getting through the morning and needing to sleep the afternoon before picking up the kids.  Her only regret is that she didn’t discover this earlier.

After years of dabbling in diet and nutrition I’ve been able to step up to a new level of vitality, reach my ideal weight and reverse my pre-diabetes.

We have also seen dramatic improvements in the health and happiness of our kids by changing what they eat.

For me this is personal.  I’m passionate.  I hope that our journey can help to shortcut your path to optimum health.

There are always new things to learn in the world of health and nutrition.  The range of conflicting ideas makes it difficult to find a cohesive dietary narrative to achieve health and wellness.

My aim is to consolidate a range of ideas into a an algorithm that will enable an individual to tailor their diet to suit their goals.

This approach builds on LCHF, paleo and ketogenic frameworks to minimise the negative effects of excess insulin while maximising nutrition through eating real, luxurious and delicious food.

You can contact me on Facebook, liking the Facebook page facebook.com/optimisingnutrition, or join the discussion at facebook.com/groups/optimisingnutrition.


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  1. I tried to get the pdf of some of the things you offered. Dropbox has given me an error code every time saying I don’t belong there or that I need to log in. Do you need to put me on some list or something saying I can access this? I figured since I was part of your Facebook group I wouldn’t have these technicalities!

  2. Hi and thank you for your job!!!! What is the software you use to illustrate the nutritional informations in your articles????

  3. I really like your site – great information, well consolidated. I’m just sorry that you chose FB for your forum, as I will never join what is to me an exploitative and predatory creation. My problem, I know, but I do wish differently.

  4. My Gosh, U r Genius, Great work, Just like U, I read so many books daily from Asprey, Mercola, Fuhrman, and every new Health books, but U take it to higher level with this blog.
    I have question,
    I stop eating 7.00 pm, then try to fast,wake up around 5 am, I intend to continue fast till 11.00am but the hunger is so strong.
    Do U know what kind of breakfast to maximize SIRTUIN and Autophagy, maybe the lowest glucose and insulin response.

    Asprey said Coffee, butter, MCT oil

    Kiefer said Coffee, Coconut milk,

    But, my stomach cannot handle coffee.


  5. can’t find a place to ask questions? I have read through your posts on insulin response of foods and find myself wondering about protein powders? It appears whey will cause a greater insulin spike than casein and egg white protein powder but are the latter two options a good choice?

    1. Protein powders are probably a good option to spike your insulin to get an anabolic growth response. If you’re looking to minimise insulin and maximise nutrient density then whole foods might be a better option.

    2. Protein powders are a good way to spike insulin for growth and an anabolic response. If you’re looking to keep insulin low and maximise nutrition real whole foods might be a better choice.

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