Optimising Nutrition Resources

We have a number of other resources that may be of interest to you.

Optimised Food Lists (free)

  • The most popular nutrient-dense foods optimised for a wide range of goals and conditions.

Kickstart Guide (free)

  • Begin your journey of nutritional optimisation with this simple guide.

Macro Calculator (free)

  • Determine your starting macros with our simple calculator

7 Day Tracking Challenge (free)

  • Discover what nutrients you need more of and what foods and meals contain them

Data-Driven Fasting

  • Optimise your intermittent fasting routine to ensure you are moving towards your goals. Get started with your free baselining spreadsheet and manual. You can choose the group 30 Day Challenge or the self-guided Program to continue your journey.

Optimised recipe books

  • Check out our series of 22 nutrient-dense recipe books optimised to suit any goal

Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass

  • Fine-tune your micros and macros in a supportive community over six weeks with weekly live Q&As and personalised support.