Optimising Nutrition Products

We’ve been working hard to develop a range of tools and products to make your journey nutritional optimisation and simple and effective as possible.

Optimised Food Lists (free)

  • the most popular nutrient-dense foods optimised for a wide range of goals and conditions.

Kickstart Guide (free)

  • begin your journey of nutritional optimisation with this simple guide.

Macro Calculator (free)

  • determine your starting macros with our simple calculator

7 Day Tracking Challenge (free)

  • discover what nutrients you need more of and what foods and meals contain them

Optimised recipe books

  • check out our series of 22 recipe books optimised to suit any goal

Food List Bundles

  • level up with longer food lists with even more nutritious foods.

Nutritional Optimisation Program

  • a simple program targeted at people to improve their nutrition and change their habits without tracking.

Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass

  • dial in your micros and macros in a supportive community over six weeks with weekly live Q&As and personalised support.
Marty Kendall