NutriBooster Recipes

Over the past five years, we’ve calculated and analysed numerous datasets to determine the most critical food components for feeling satiated and energised. 

We’ve used this data to create the most comprehensive lists of nutrient-dense meals and recipes available.  Our database now contains more than one thousand recipes that Optimisers can use to optimise their macronutrients and micronutrients to reach their goal and align with their preferences. 

These are the same NutriBooster recipes embedded in our Nutrient Optimiser software that thousands of Optimisers have used to dial in their micronutrients in our Micros Masterclass.

Our NutriBooster recipe books are ideal for people who just want to know what to eat that aligns with their goals. 

What’s In Our NutriBooster Recipe Books? 

Each book contains 33 recipes plus additional links to 100+ secret recipes that align with the goal you have chosen.  When you purchase one of the books, you will receive:

  • an e-book with the most nutritious meals optimised for your goal that you can take with you anywhere on your phone or tablet;
  • a secret index of links to 150+ of the most nutrient-dense recipes optimised for your goal on our website so you will never run out of nutritious ideas to try;  
  • a full micronutrient breakdown of each recipe showing the vitaminsmineralsessential fatty acids, and amino acids it provides;
  • access to all recipes pre-logged in Cronometer for your convenience; and 
  • a list of the most popular nutrient-dense foods that align with your goal.

NutriBooster Index

The table below shows a summary of each of our NutriBooster recipe books.  To purchase, click on the link on the left.  

If you’re a part of our Optimising Nutrition Community, you can also view more details and download a sample of each recipe book here.

GoalAppropriate For
Fat LossDesigned for rapid fat loss, these recipes provide more micronutrients to minimise cravings, plenty of protein to optimise satiety and prevent muscle loss, and less energy from carbs and dietary fat to lower blood glucose.  This allows you to restrict calories and use body fat for fuel. 
Maximum Nutrient DensityThese are the most nutrient-dense recipes that pack all the micronutrients you need into your calorie budget. 
Low-Carb & Blood SugarThis book is designed for someone looking to stabilise blood sugars and maintain weight while prioritising nutrients on a low-carb diet.  Ideal for someone with diabetes or anyone who enjoys low-carb.
Blood Sugar & Fat LossThis book is designed for someone with elevated blood sugars and body fat to lose who is looking to optimise their nutrient density. 
BodybuildersWe designed this book for someone looking to gain muscle without increasing body fat excessively.  These recipes provide plenty of micronutrients with adequate energy to support your workouts, but not to the point that you end up ‘dirty bulking’. 
High Protein:EnergyThis book was designed with a high protein:energy ratio for aggressive fat loss.  These recipes are ideal for an aggressive short-term Protein-Sparing Modified Fast-style diet.
Nutritional KetoWe designed this book for someone who enjoys keto and wants to optimise their nutrient density but does not require therapeutic ketone levels.
Therapeutic KetoThis book was designed for people who require therapeutic ketone levels for specific conditions, like epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.
Plant-BasedThe most nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes available!
VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense vegetarian meals available!
Low-Carb VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense, low-carb vegetarian meals that also stabilise blood sugars.   
Lacto-VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense, lacto-vegetarian (i.e., no meat, seafood or eggs) recipes available. 
MaintenanceThis book was designed to optimise your nutrient intake so you can maintain your weight and live a healthy and energised life.  
PescatarianThese are the most nutrient-dense pescatarian recipes (i.e., vegetarian plus seafood).
Egg-FreeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs.  
Dairy-FreeThe most nutrient-dense meals without dairy.  
Egg & Dairy-FreeThese are the most nutrient-dense meals without eggs or dairy.
Athletes & BulkingWe designed these recipes to provide the energy required to support your activity, growth, and recovery without sacrificing essential nutrients. 
Meat-BasedThese are the most nutrient-dense meals that contain meat (i.e., beef, pork, chicken, etc.).  
ImmunityWe designed these recipes around immune-boosting nutrients like ironseleniumzincpotassiumvitamin AC, and D
Cancer (Weight Loss & Nutrient Density)This book was designed to provide less glutamic acid and methionine for someone with cancer while maximising nutrient density and satiety to promote fat loss.
Cancer (Weight Maintenance)These recipes were designed for someone with cancer trying to maintain a healthy weight that requires less glutamic acid and methionine.
Cancer (Weight Gain)These recipes were designed to provide plenty of energy for someone with cancer that requires less glutamic acid and methionine while providing plenty of energy to support weight gain after or during cancer treatment.
SmoothiesThe most nutritious smoothies for quick and easy meals on the go!
Low OxalateLow-oxalate NutriBooster recipes that maximise nutrient density while minimising oxalates.
Low FODMAPWe designed these recipes to maximise nutrient density and satiety while avoiding high-FODMAP foods.
Low HistamineThis book was designed to maximise nutrient density as much as possible while minimising histamine-containing ingredients.  
Low FatIdeal for people who prefer a low-fat diet or need to refill their glycogen stores quickly when blood sugars are low or after a workout.