Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) Macros and Micros

Bulletproof coffee provides a shot of fats to the brain to raise ketone levels, improve mental function and a burst of energy while keeping blood sugars stable.    

While many people find that BPC helps them transition away from a highly-processed diet, it’s important to point out that long term regular consumption of BPC may not be ideal if you are looking for weight loss as it doesn’t provide a lot of micronutrients or high levels of satiety. 

As you will see from the rankings below, BPC ranks poorly for everything but ketosis. BPC will not significant amounts of micronutrients (other than vitamin A from the butter). If you consume BPC regularly you will need to be intentional to ensure you get your required micronutrients from the rest of your diet.

BPC will help to boost your ketones if you require therapeutic ketosis (i.e. for Alzheimers, epilepsy, cancer etc) and get energy in quickly. However, if you have fat to lose we strongly recommend that once your blood sugars stabilise that you start to phase them out and prioritise nutrient-dense high satiety foods and meals if you have more body fat to lose.


One serving provides 288 calories but has 1 g of protein, 25 g of fat and 0 g of net carbs.


The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.  


Description Amount Unit
Butter 1.50 tbsp
Espresso 2 shots
MCT Oil 1 tbsp