What’s YOUR why?

If you’re going to succeed at anything other than conforming to “normal” you need to look inside to find your “why”.  

We surveyed the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group about why they wanted to be an Optimiser.  

Their responses were too good not to share.

I want to be an Optimiser because…

  • I want to be as healthy as I can be so I can enjoy my life to the fullest.
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to manage my diabetes.
  • I want to get control of my habits.
  • I want to avoid the health conditions of my parents and grandparents.
  • I want to be physically stronger.
  • I want to like what I see in the mirror.
  • I want to think more clearly.  
  • I want to reduce my body fat without losing muscle.
  • I want to have more energy.
  • I want to be more attractive.
  • I want to be healthy.
  • I want to set a positive example for my kids
  • I want to respect myself more.
  • I want to avoid diabetes.  
  • I just want to look good naked.

Which of these do you identify with?  Are there others?

Once you find “your why”, harness that motivation to keep you going through the hard times until you transform your hopes into habits!  

Where to next?  

You can also join the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group of supportive Optimisers who are on a similar journey to you to help you acheive ‘your why’.  If you’re interested in seeing what foods and meals Nutrient Optimiser would recommend for you we’d love you to check out the Nutrient Optimiser Free report to get started on your journey.  

To kickstart your journey towards optimal get your free program and one of 70+ food lists personalised just for you!  

Marty Kendall

  • Ross Cooper says:

    I want to see my grandchildren grow up.

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