The Nutrient Optimiser: It’s Alive!!!!

After many months of development, refinement and beta testing we’re excited to announce that the Nutrient Optimiser is now live!


What is the Nutrient Optimiser?

While the Optimising Nutrition blog contains a lot of details unpacking the latest in nutritional science, what most people want to know is what are the highest priority things they should do to optimise their nutrition.

So we developed a comprehensive program to implement all the theory.

The Nutrient Optimiser will ensure you reach your goal in the most efficient manner.

Optimal foods and meals

Using the core concepts of nutrient density, satiety and insulin load, the Nutrient Optimiser enables you to pinpoint the optimal foods and meals that enable you to fine-tune your diet to suit your goals.


Who is the Nutrient Optimiser for?

The Nutrient Optimiser is the Swiss Army Knife of nutrition and contains a wide range of tools for different situations.

But we’ve also worked hard to make sure it’s simple, self-explaining and intuitive for the person who is just starting out on their journey towards better nutrition.

If you are confused about what to eat, we can help you start on your journey.

Once you get the basics in place, you can continue to fine-tune your diet to avoid the dreaded stalls, plateaus, pitfalls and dead ends.

While good food for all humans has some commonalities, optimal food choices vary depending on your goals.  The Nutrient Optimiser will ensure that your diet continues to adapt with you to help you continue to move towards your goal.

The Nutrient Optimiser has different streams depending on your goals:

  • Diabetes management,
  • Aggressive fat loss,
  • Weight loss + blood sugar control,
  • Athletic performance/endurance,
  • Lean bulking, and
  • Nutrient-dense maintenance.

The Nutrient Optimiser can also refine food choices to suit a wide range of intolerances and food preferences including:

  • Paleo,
  • Low carb,
  • Ketogenic,
  • Vegan/plant-based,
  • Autoimmune, and
  • Carnivore

Do I need to track my food?


You don’t need to track your food.

We understand that most people do not like to record everything they eat, at least not all the time.


While we can use your food diary data tracked in Cronometer to evaluate and fine-tune your diet, the Nutrient Optimiser can use your current dietary pattern and any other health concerns or conditions to identify the nutrients that you likely need to emphasise.


So you don’t have to track your food.  You can always upload a few days of food logging data when you’re ready to further refine the recommendations.

If you wanted to get a head start on the challenges coming in January, you could log your normal diet in Cronometer between Christmas and New Year to make sure the Nutrient Optimiser is emphasising the right nutrients for you.

Smart macros

While there is plenty of debate about the balance between carbs, fat, protein and calories the Nutrient Optimiser uses your biometrics (e.g. weight, body fat %, blood sugars or ketones) to ensure you get the right answer for you and that your diet continues to adapt as you make progress.

  • If your blood sugars are high, we help you titrate down your carbohydrate.
  • Protein requirements can vary depending on your age and activity levels, but it is critical that you retain as much muscle as possible. So, if your goal is fat loss and you are losing more muscle than fat mass, the Nutrient Optimiser suggests you prioritise protein.
  • If you are bulking and we find you are gaining more fat than muscle, the Nutrient Optimiser we will help you adjust your protein and calorie intake to ensure you achieve a “clean bulk” rather than a “dirty bulk”.
  • If you are progressing well, the Nutrient Optimiser will relax your macronutrient ranges so you can focus on nutrient density without worrying about macronutrients.

The power of habit

We really believe there is a knowledge-action gap.

We are bombarded by information all the time about diet and everything else.

Many people know what to do but struggle to do the little things every day.

The Nutrient Optimiser also helps you build the necessary habits to ensure you make long-term changes.  We have created a massive database of challenges to help you build positive nutrition habits that we think you will love to practice in not just diet, but also psychology, lifestyle and accountability.


Many of the beta testers have found the habit-building aspect of the Nutrient Optimiser to be the most helpful and the thing that keeps them coming back every day.

Making it fun… and addictive

Not only have we employed the latest science in nutrition, psychology and habit-forming technology, but we’ve done everything we can to make nutrition fun, addictive and gamified.

People are already working their way up the leaderboard to try to make ti to the top each month.



But we’re also leveraging the power of our online existing community to ensure that everyone gets the personal help they need.

The Optimising Nutrition Facebook Group is a great place to tap into the power of the hive mind of the latest in nutrition science and research while the Nutrient Optimiser Group will nurture people on their journey.  People who have already benefitted and are on their journey can help people just starting out.

Thank you!

And finally, a massive thank you to all of the readers of this blog who have been so encouraging and supportive of the Optimising Nutrition blog by reading, sharing, engaging on Facebook and putting it into action.

It is incredible to see how far this has all come over the past three years.  We’re looking forward to an exciting 2020!


Marty & Alex

To kickstart your journey towards optimal get your free program and one of 70+ food lists personalised just for you!  

Marty Kendall

  • Congratulations on your achievement!
    I’ve not used the tool yet, but if it’s anything like the blog posts I’ve been reading here for the last few years, it’s going to be great. And by great, I mean improving health and saving lives.
    Best wishes,

  • Michele says:

    Quick question – I am trying to upload my cronometer data. After attaching the cvs file, I get a message that states the following: “This CSV file doesn’t have ‘Day’ for the analysis” so it won’t upload. Please let me know who to contact for support. Thanks

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