Tammy’s Long Term Success with Nutritional Optimisation

Some people have been asking about the long term sustainability of our unique approach to Nutritional Optimisation.  So it’s exciting to feature some fantastic examples from people who have been chipping away at this for a while.  

Tammy started her weight loss journey at 101 kg.  She initially lost 20 kilograms with what she calls ‘bumbling keto’, but was not able to sustain it, and regained a lot of her initial loss.  

Her Hba1c of 6.0% (42 mmol/mol) gave her a wake-up call with renewed motivation to make a change. 

Since our first starting our first Masterclass in January 2020, Tammy has lost 19kg (42 lbs).  During each successive masterclass, she was losing weight at 1.2% per week.  Her HbA1c is now a very healthy 5.2% (34 mmol/moL).

Tammy also participated in our two Data-Driven Fasting Challenges to help her find the meal timing that worked for her to suit her schedule and ensure continued weight loss.  

Her dress size has gone from a size 16 to 10.  

She needed new jeans after her waist measurement went from 99 to 77 cm.  Her waist to height ratio went from 0.62 to a very healthy 0.48! 

Congratulations Tammy!  We’re super proud of you.

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