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Nutritional Optimisation Challenge… the results

We have been thrilled to see how the theory and analysis detailed on Optimising Nutrition work in practice in our challenges so far.  People felt satiated, energised, lost weight and saw their blood sugars stabilise when they started to incorporate more optimal foods and meals tailored to suit their goals.   Check out the following articles […]

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Top tips from successful Optimisers

If you want to succeed it can be helpful to learn from those who have already been successful. We asked the Optimisers from the first challenge what advice they would give someone starting out on the journey.  Here’s what they said: Plan ahead.  Know what you are going to eat for at least one day […]

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What’s YOUR why?

If you’re going to succeed at anything other than conforming to “normal” you need to look inside to find your “why”.   We surveyed the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group about why they wanted to be an Optimiser.   Their responses were too good not to share. I want to be an Optimiser because… I want […]

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Nutrient Optimiser Pro Tips

We were amazed to see how passionate people got about optimising their micronutrients during the Nutrient Optimiser Challenge! The Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group lit up with people ‘chasing green’ in Cronometer as they tried to hit all their micronutrients targets and vying for the top place on the Nutrient Optimiser Leaderboard. Optimising nutrition had become […]

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What makes Nutrient Optimiser different?

Participants from the first Nutrient Optimiser Challenge were asked what made the Nutrient Optimiser different from other things they had tried before. Here’s what they said: Overall, this was far easier than anything I’d tried.  The only other thing I had done seriously was LCHF keto, which worked but very slowly due to the enormous […]

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