Cholesterol: When to worry and what to do about it

Cholesterol can be a confusing topic, especially for the low carb and keto community.

But for most people, it doesn’t need to be that complex. Your body does a pretty good job of using the fuels you give it.

If you eat more carbs, you will likely see lower cholesterol and higher blood sugars.
If you get more of your energy from fat, you might see lower blood glucose levels and higher cholesterol.

But if you fall outside the standard reference range, your doctor may encourage you to take a statin drug to lower your cholesterol. This leaves many people confused and concerned about the undesirable side effects of statins.

We are usually told that high cholesterol is bad and low is good. But, like most things in nature, optimal rarely occurs at the extremes. As shown in the chart below, either too little or too much cholesterol can be a problem.