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optimal meals for fat loss

Who Someone who wants to lose body fat and has good blood sugar control, i.e.: HbA1c < 5.4mmol/L fasting blood sugar < 5.0mmol/L (90mg/dL) average blood sugar < 5.4mmol/L (100mg/dL) post meal blood sugar < 6.7mmol/L (120mg/dL) If you don’t yet have optimal blood sugar control start here. How This weighting is balanced to prioritise high fibre, low calorie […]

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diabetes 102 ketosis… the cure for diabetes? weight loss nutrition for athletes and the metabolically healthy the most ketogenic diet foods  the most nutritious diabetic friendly meals your personalised food ranking system diet wars… which one is optimal?   the Goldilocks glucose zone physiological insulin resistance and coffee addiction the blood glucose, glucagon and insulin […]

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