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How to be a Regenetarian

Humans love technology.  Innovation is fundamental to who we are and has ensured we have thrived to the point that we now dominate every corner of the globe! But sometimes we take things too far.  We struggle to achieve balance, both as individuals and as a species.    We are now facing some significant health and […]

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The Optimal Nutrient Score

Ever wished someone would create a single score to measure quality, ensure you are getting the essential nutrients you need (rather than just avoiding “bad foods”) and help you manage satiety, so you don’t need to worry so much about food quantity? I give you the Optimal Nutrient Score! Overview This article defines how we […]

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The Optimal Nutrient Intakes

While the Dietary Reference Intakes define the minimum amount of nutrients to prevent acute diseases due to the deficiency of essential nutrients, you’re probably more interested in the nutrient intakes that will maximise your health. This article summarises the Optimal Nutrient Intakes (ONIs) that you can use as a stretch target to optimise your health.   […]

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Amino acids for weight loss: Which ones and how much?

While many people are familiar with vitamins and minerals, most of us don’t give much thought to the individual amino acids that make up protein. Following on from the analysis of the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, this article looks at our satiety response to the individual amino acids to determine optimal stretch targets […]

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Optimising Dr Paul Saladino’s carnivore diet

It’s great to see Dr Paul Saladino MD thriving on a nutrient-dense nose-to-tail carnivorous diet.   I’m really excited that Paul is talking about the importance of nutrient density in a carnivorous context.  Paul is “on a quest to find the human user manual”, which is something I can identify with.   There are plenty of benefits […]

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The most powerful levers in nutrition

Popular nutrition enthusiasts typically focus on the one magic factor that will fix your ills.   vegan carnivore keto plant-based blood type low carb low fat “It worked for me.  It’s the only way, and it will surely work for you!” Meanwhile, both public health messaging and click bait-hungry media is awash with confusion. Every […]

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What does Nutrient Density Look Like?

Beyond all the words and numbers on Optimising Nutrition, it was great to see nutrient-dense recipes people created in response to the Nutrient Optimiser challenge when they focused on improving their micronutrient profile on the first Nutrient Optimiser Challenge.   People found that sharing their food photos with the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group was a […]

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