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How to reverse type 2 diabetes

This article looks at the mechanisms of type 2 diabetes and gives you a road map to help you to maximise your chance of achieving optimal blood glucose control, fat loss and long-term metabolic health.

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The carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis vs the adipose centric model of diabetes and obesity

I recently shared Dr Ted Naiman’s latest “insulinographic” that attempts to explain the adipose centric theory of diabetesity. It created some great discussion as well as some confusion, so I thought it would be worth an article to unpack the critical insights about how insulin really works in our body and what we can do […]

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Is the acetone:glucose ratio the Holy Grail of tracking optimal ketosis levels?

There are different ways to track optimal ketosis levels at home. Today, I wanted to compare different methods and find out which one is the best for you. Key points The real magic of ketosis seems to occur in a lower energy state. High levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones (BHB) can be a good sign, particularly […]

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optimal ketone and blood sugar levels for ketosis

why tracking ketones may just be a waste of time.

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