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The effect of minerals on hunger and satiety

Obtaining minerals is a major reason that you crave food and want to eat more.  Your body requires the essential micronutrients to function and sends you in search of more food until you get enough.  If you do not get enough of the essential minerals, you will die.   According to Dr Bruce Ames’ Triage Theory, […]

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How much salt do you need?

Are you getting enough (or too much) salt?   And do you know what is optimal anyway?   This article looks at the latest research and some novel insights about optimal sodium.   While we’re at it, we’ll look at some other essential minerals that you are likely missing out on. Why is sodium important? […]

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Nutrient Density 101

Lots of people talk about nutrient density, but few people understand what it means, how to quantify it or how to leverage its power to optimise their diet.   This article clarifies several common misconceptions around this critical topic and shows you how to identify the most nutritious foods tailored to your needs and goals. […]

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