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greek lamb salad

I recently came across this Greek lamb salad recipe on the Diabetes Queensland Facebook page. The puzzling thing was that it included two slices of bread and low fat yogurt.  It seemed bizarre that this meal would be recommend for diabetics who are effectively intolerant to significant amounts of carbohydrate. The analysis below shows that this […]

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diabetes 102 ketosis… the cure for diabetes? weight loss nutrition for athletes and the metabolically healthy the most ketogenic diet foods  the most nutritious diabetic friendly meals your personalised food ranking system diet wars… which one is optimal?   the Goldilocks glucose zone physiological insulin resistance and coffee addiction the blood glucose, glucagon and insulin […]

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optimal foods for weight loss

Prioritising foods that provide adequate nutrition with minimal calories increases your chances of achieving health, satiety and weight loss. Weight loss can be achieved by eating high fibre, nutrient dense, low calorie density, low carbohydrate foods. Eating more on days when you are active and less on low activity days will be more effective in the […]

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