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Blood glucose, ketone and insulin changes after six weeks with Nutrient Optimiser

The diabesity epidemic is a growing challenge, not just to our metabolic health and waistlines, but our global economy, threatening to bankrupt countries with growing health care costs.    To help manage this, the Nutrient Optimiser has been designed to empower users to actively manage their blood glucose with their food choices.   The Nutrient […]

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physiological insulin resistance and coffee addiction

I have a confession…  I like coffee. I like coffee in the morning. I like coffee in the afternoon. I like coffee black.  I like it white. I like it with sugar, with chocolate, or just plain. I like the taste of coffee. I like the way it makes me feel and helps me stay […]

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superfoods for diabetes & nutritional ketosis

These foods will help you to maintain excellent blood glucose levels by reducing the insulin load of your diet while at the same time maximising nutrient density to minimise cravings and allow you to get the nutrients you need with less food. More than carbohydrates or the glycemic index, the food insulin index data suggests that our blood […]

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