Surprises on the journey towards Nutritional Optimisation

There’s nothing quite like getting daily feedback as you put your freshly learned nutritional theory into practice.  

You quickly see how your body responds and how you can adjust and refine.  

But there can also be some surprising findings along the way.

It was fascinating In the recent Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass to see what people saw that they didn’t expect.  

Rather than adopting a particular named diet, the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass guides people to optimise their current diet to ensure they are getting adequate protein without excess energy from carbohydrates and/or fat.  

Our goal is to enable people to find their Personalised Optimal 30 foods and meals that they love and align with their goals.

Our analysis of 60,000 days of food logging from people who have used the Nutrient Optimiser shows that a higher percentage of protein aligns with greater satiety and lower spontaneous calorie intake.  

We have quantified and ranked the various factors that influence satiety, and we can confirm that a higher protein percentage has the greatest impact.  

It was exciting to see this work for many people who had been struggling with their weight and who had tried many different diets and ways of eating.  

So what did they find that was surprising?

After a few days of tracking, many people were surprised to see how little protein they were actually consuming.  Once they dialled in their protein intake, it was much fairly easy to obtain all the other micronutrients.   

Nutritional Optimisation does not happen overnight.  It can take weeks, months and even years to build new habits.  

Some people can ‘follow the numbers’ and make radical changes in just a few weeks.  But, as they say, old habits die hard, especially when it comes to something as fundamental as food.  That’s why we focus on building healthy habits and monitoring progress to ensure you can continue to refine things to get the results you want to see.  You don’t need to go from zero to hero overnight. You just need to make enough change to ensure you are progressing towards your goal at a sustainable rate.

Many people experienced improvements in their energy levels, vitality, body fat and blood sugars by dialling in micronutrients (irrespective of macros or calories).  This aligns with our extensive analysis that shows that we are more satisfied with our food when it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.  

People learned how delicious fresh, nutrient-dense food can taste.  

Body composition seemed to look after itself as people get adequate nutrients.  Not only did their scales and charts show a rapid fat loss, but they saw it in their body in the mirror. 

A number of people even noticed that their resting heart rate improved to healthy levels! 

Relying on willpower alone to restrict calories only works for so long before your body rebels.  But as they dialled in their macros and micros ‘dieting’ became sustainable.

Once you give your body what it needs your lizard brain settles down and allows you to use your stored body fat for fuel, now content that there is no impending shortage of quality food that it needs to prepare for. 

People found that targeting satiety was still ketogenic, but the ketones came from burning their body fat rather than their diet.  This is where the real magic of a “ketogenic diet” happens.  

And once they have a plan that they know works, people are more likely to persevere over the long term.

Want to be part of the next masterclass?  

After a few weeks, we had people asking when the next masterclass was so they could do it all again.  

While we want to give people the skills and build habits to enable them to thrive in the real world, there is a lot of information to learn and implement and people seem to love taking the journey in a supportive community learning environment.  

If you’re interested, you can join in the next Six Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass which will be commencing 21 March 2020.   Due to the intensive and personalised nature of the class, spaces will be strictly limited.  

Make sure you sign up here ASAP before spaces run out!  We can’t wait to see what will happen on your journey towards nutritional optimisation!