Semifreddo is a decadent Italian ice cream dessert.  But unlike shop-bought ice cream, it is made from real eggs, real cream and real vanilla.  The eggs provide choline and vitamin A while keeping the fat high.  


One serve provides 280 calories, 23 g protein, 6 g fat and 24 g of net carbs


The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.  



  • 4 large eggs, separated, pasteurised
  • ¼ tsp cream of tartar or apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup powdered erythritol or xylitol
  • 300 mL heavy whipping cream or for dairy-free option use chilled coconut cream (Google ‘how to whip coconut cream’ for directions) 
  • 1 tsp seeds from a vanilla pod (or sugar-free vanilla essence, if you prefer)


  • Place sweetener in a food processor and grind 
  • until powdered.  Set aside for later. 
  • Use three bowls, two large and one small.  
  • Separate the egg whites in the big bowl and the yolks in the small bowl.  The third is for beating the cream.
  • Start whisking egg whites and add the cream of tartar.  As egg whites thicken, slowly add the powdered sweetener.  Whisk until they create stiff peaks.  
  • In a third bowl, whisk cream until soft peaks form.  Use a fork to mix the egg yolks with the vanilla 
  • seeds (or vanilla essence).
  • Slowly fold the whisked egg whites into the whipped cream.  Then add the egg yolk mixture and gently 
  • fold in using a spatula until well combined.
  • Place mixture in a loaf pan or a freezer-friendly container and freeze for at least 4 hours before you plan to eat.  Serve with topping of choice.
  • Note: To pasteurise eggs at home, pour enough water in a pot to cover the eggs. Heat to about  60°C/140°F. 
  • Using a spoon, slowly place the eggs into the pot. Keep the eggs in the water for about 3 minutes. Let the eggs cool before using.

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