Big Fat Keto Lies – Resources

If you’ve made it this far through Big Fat Keto Lies, hopefully, you can see that: To help people implement the theory, we’ve been developing several tools that we’re excited to share to help you on your journey.  Join our Community! If you want to dive a little deeper into our world, we’d love you … Read more

Do You Count Calories on Keto?

Explore the age-old debate: ‘do I need to count calories on keto?’ This article unravels the misconceptions surrounding calorie counting in a ketogenic diet, offering a fresh perspective on achieving your health goals.

A Brief History of the Low Carb and Keto Movement

Trends and fads come and go. Ideas rise in popularity when someone discovers something that works.  A few people apply this initial idea and got great results.  In time, entrepreneurial people realise there is money to be made and scramble to sell things to make it ‘easier’ and ‘more enjoyable’.  Often, these marketers play fast … Read more