Robb Wolf – Can Nutrient Density Save the World?

After being a super fan for so long, it was fantastic to chat with Robb Wolf about how Nutritional Optimisation can save the world. 

Robb has been the most significant influence in my nutritional explorations over the past decade.  I see my work as simply putting numbers and systems around his thinking and using multi-criteria analysis to identify optimal foods and meals for different people with different goals. 

Once optimal nutrition is quantified (in terms of nutrients per calorie, or nutrient density), we no longer have to rely on names, trends, fads, or belief systems – nutrition becomes a (relatively simple math problem that can be solved – we can skip the endless circular debate and angst.  We can identify and agree on a shortlist of foods and meals that contain the nutrients we need to function optimally and thrive. 

Ensuring we have a planet that can sustain future generations may not be as sexy as “how to get abs overnight” with the optimal mix of carbs, fat and protein (i.e. MACROnutrients).  But the macro trends (i.e. long term, big picture) in how we obtain our food is a far more important topic, not only because the health of our planet is critical, but acting in the interest of our planet will, in turn, better nourish us (and vice versa).   

We have a shared dream that more people would eat in a way that both nourishes themselves (to make them look and feel great) and regenerates the planet so it will be a place that future generations will want to live.  


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I was pretty inspired when preparing for this chat with Robb and wrote How to eat to save the planet (and yourself) to capture some more thoughts around how I hope that focusing on nutrient density will help humanity and our fragile planet.

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