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Blood Sugar & Low Carb Recipe Book

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99% of low carb recipe books do not consider micronutrients!

Do you have time for a 20-ingredient recipe that takes two hours to prepare?   

Do you have a maths degree and the nutritional knowledge to formulate a truly balanced meal?

Do you want to waste time following recipes that are complicated and never work?

Find out how we reinvented the recipe genre to create simple, delicious, and nutritious low carb meals.

You, like thousands of other people, probably just want simple, nutritious, and delicious meals. 

But most recipe books don’t consider who YOU are and what you need to optimise your health. 

Most of them are full of decadent comfort foods which might be great for special occasions, but not every day. 

Then there are the diet books that claim that their way is the only way.  Unfortunately, most people rebound after these restrictive diets because they don’t provide enough nutrients. 

We got sick and tired of recipe books that give no consideration to vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.  

We knew we had to create something for us and all the people who are suffering because the their food is driving them to eat way too much to obtain the nutrients they need.

Keep Reading Because Everything You Know About Recipes Is About to Change…

Why don’t recipe books provide a full nutritional label with all essential vitamins and minerals that their recipes provide?  If they did, it would reveal some MAJOR nutritional gaps.

We spent four years analysing thousands of recipes.  

Only a handful of of them don’t have significant nutritional deficiencies!

When everything is optimised these days using big data and AI, we think you should be able to ensure you are getting the essential nutrients you need from your food!  

Our technology was designed just for that. 

To overcome these shortcomings, we created the systems to allow you to optimise your nutrition to align precisely with your goals.  

We worked hard to determine the factors that help people living and eating in the real world manage their appetite and achieve optimal health.  We then set about creating the systems and programs to make it as simple as possible to implement.  

Now we are the only company that can create recipes that are nutritionally balanced at the micronutrient level.  In fact, naturally occurring flavour and colour is a sign that your food contains the nutrients you need to thrive! 


Hey, this is Marty.

With a family history of Type 2 Diabetes, diabetes is a topic close to my heart.  My wife Monica has Type 1 diabetes, so I have seen the massive impact that the blood sugar and insulin roller coaster can have first hand.  

Thankfully, I have also seen the radical improvement in quality of life that can occur when blood sugars and insulin levels are stabilised.  

I have been on a personal quest to find a way to optimise blood sugars and insulin levels since we got married eighteen years ago and we started to think about having children.  

Beyond my family, diabetes is growing to epidemic proportions and is threatening to bankrupt our western economies with spiralling health care costs and productivity losses.  

I crunched the numbers on six hundred thousand days of food diaries from thousands of people like you, living and eating in the real world, to identify the critical factors that will empower you to stabilise your blood sugars and take back control of your appetite.  

I published hundreds of articles about nutrient density, satiety and optimising blood sugar and insulin levels.  

But I finally realised that, if nutritional optimisation was going to become a movement, we needed to make it as easy as possible for you to implement in your kitchen.  

So I partnered with recipe designer and photographer Saskia Lesser to craft delicious recipes that are beautifully presented and easy to make. 

The recipes in this book are optimised for a lower insulin load to help keep your blood sugars stable and provide more of the nutrients that are harder to find in a lower-carb diet (i.e. B1, B2, B3, B12, C, D, folate, iron, magnesium, zinc & omega 3).


The recipes in this book are ideal for people living with diabetes as well as people who enjoy a healthy low carbohydrate way of eating.  

They will help you to control your blood sugars, provide enough energy for weight maintenance, reduce your cravings and live your best life!


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What you will find in our recipe book of nutrient dense low carb recipes

  • 1An ebook with 33 of the most nutritious low carb meals (that you can take with you anywhere on your phone or tablet).  
  • 2A secret index of links to the 150 most nutrient-dense low carb recipes on our website so you will never run out of nutritious ideas. 
  • 3A full micronutrient breakdown showing the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids that you will obtain from each recipe.
  • 4Access to all of the recipes pre-logged in Cronometer for your convenience.
  • 5A list of the most popular nutrient-dense low carb foods.

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Blood Sugar & Low Carb Recipe Book

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