Nutritional OPtimisation Program

How to master nutrient optimisation and get rid of any nutrient deficiency in your diet without tracking or measuring food.

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are filled with articles about “best foods for Vitamin B12” or any other vitamin or mineral.

But what happens when you want to maximize multiple vitamins and minerals at the same time?


The truth is MOST people who are looking to improve minerals and vitamins with food are lacking in multiple nutrients not just one.

Sure, you can start tracking every single bite that you eat, but I don’t remember our ancestors carrying tracker with them. It is absolutely possible to get all of your essential nutrients from your diet, but most people don’t know how to do it in a sustainable way.

In this program you will learn how to optimize the missing vitamins and minerals in your diet without tracking food all the time. 

Hey, my name is Marty.

I have been in your shoes. 4 years ago, I wanted to improve vitamins and minerals with food and not just supplements.

I got frustrated because I couldn’t find any information about how to maximize multiple nutrients in my diet. 

I didn’t want to just focus on “Vitamin A foods”, I wanted to address all vitamins and minerals in my diet at same time. So I created a system that would ensure that my family and my friends could get enough of all the nutrients they needed to thrive.This is why I created the Nutritional Optimisation Program – which covers everything you need to know to do nutrient optimisation, step by step.

Here is what people say…

Program sneak peak…


Nutrient Optimisation Framework – an ongoing process of continual improvement.  You can take it as far as you want to or need to.  It’s been awesome to see the progress people have made as they continue to fine-tune their nutrition.


Establishing YOUR Meal Ritual – we walk you through one of the most powerful techniques of nutrition that nobody is talking about, especially if you want to stop measuring, weighing, and tracking food.


Meal Evolution Framework – how to make sustainable changes in your diet without crashing and burning out.


Optimal 30 – how to correctly identify a shortlist of go-to foods that you can always go back to improve nutrients that you are missing.

Here is what you get

  • Nutritional Optimisation Program ($97 value)
  • Ultimate Food List Pack to maximize missing nutrients ($97 value)
  • 8 Week Nutritional Optimisation Workbook ($67 value
  • Your Nutritional Fingerprint ($49 value)


  • Nutribooster – food list generator based on nutrients ($97 value
  • Micronutrient Recipe Library ($112 value)
  • Satiety Food Lookup ($37 value)

Total Value: $556

Limited Time Offer

$37 (94% off)


In fact, I’m so confident you’ll get results with Nutritional Optimisation Program that I’ve removed any the risk.


If you don’t love the program just email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.


If I can’t help you, it wouldn’t be right to keep a penny of your money… 

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