The ProFast Diet Secrets | Dr Brian Mowll

It was so much fun to talk to Dr Brian Mowll (The Diabetes Coach) about the topics in his The ProFast Diet Book, including: 

  • What are the biggest misconceptions around protein and diabetes management? 
  • Do people need to be concerned about ‘too much protein’?
  • What are the most important foods to prioritise? 
  • Who should use the moderate, accelerated vs aggressive weight loss approaches?
  • How do you know how long to fast?  How long is too long? 
  • When is rapid weight loss ideal (rather than slow and steady)?
  • Why is reducing dietary fat important to control blood glucose?
  • What are the most important markers to track on your journey?
  • Why does nutrient density become even more important during weight loss?
  • What are the pros and cons of supplements vs whole food during weight loss?
  • What are the most common symptoms/side effects that people should be prepared for during rapid loss?


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