Potassium Caramel Salted Coffee

Salted caramel coffee is all the rage!  The bitterness from the salt and the coffee offset the sweet from the caramel.   But beyond the taste, adding salt to your coffee is also smart because coffee increases your need for salt by about half a gram of sodium per cup. However, while most people are getting … Read more


Engineering Approach To Nutrition Hey! My name is Marty. I’m an engineer with a passion for nutrition who seeks things numerically. My nutrition analytics platform has empowered me, my wife, and thousands of Optimisers to gain control over their health. Let me guide you towards your success story of data-driven nutrition. Enter your email below … Read more

Is the Breath Acetone:Glucose Ratio the Holy Grail of Tracking Optimal Ketosis?

Introduction In previous articles, we’ve looked at why chasing higher blood ketones with more dietary fat or exogenous ketones might not be smart.[1] [2] We also looked at the glucose:ketone ratio as a useful parameter to track therapeutic ketosis (i.e. for the management of epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson etc.).[3] [4] This article looks at the … Read more