Unlock the Power of Nutrient Leverage: Your Guide to Boosting Satiety and Taking Control of Your Weight.

“Weight gain is about eating too many calories, and weight loss is about finding a way to eat fewer without being miserable.”  Herman Pontzer Over the past five years or so, I’ve been working to develop the ultimate satiety algorithm.  Why?  Once we understand the factors that align with eating less, we can reverse engineer … Read more

Dietary Ingredients to Feel Full and Fuelled: The Principal Components of Satiety

Q: Why do we eat?  A: To get the balance of nutrients and energy we require.  Q: What nutrients do we crave?  A: Protein and minerals like sodium, potassium and calcium.    Q: How can we reverse-engineer our food choices to satisfy our cravings without overeating? A: By ensuring we get enough of the protein … Read more