Optimising your identity from the inside out

Buying a surfboard doesn’t make you a surfer.

Just like having a piano lesson doesn’t make you a pianist.  

Similarly, buying a pair of sneakers doesn’t make you a runner.  

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But as we start to practice these skills we begin to look a bit more the like people who possess these identities:

  • a surfer,
  • a pianist,
  • a runner.  

As we continue to do these things regularly, we start to feel a bit like these things.  

As others start to see us as those things, and we continue to do them, something magical happens.  

Your identity changes.  

Suddenly you have become the thing you wanted to be!

You are a surfer.  

You are a pianist.  

You are a runner!  


You have arrived!

These skills are now part of your identity, and you will continue to practice them effortlessly because it is consistent with your beliefs and how you see yourself.  

Your identity and how you see yourself has changed.   

The Optimiser affirmations

Some people see identity affirmations as a bit woo woo, but others find them useful to increase the rate of change in how they see themselves.  

Have a read through the list of Optimiser affirmations below.  

Which ones resonate with you the most?  

Can you read them in your head while replacing the “Optimisers” with “I”?  

Can you read it out loud?  How does it feel?

  • Optimisers realise that personalised nutrition, positive habits, and long term incremental improvements are the keys to lasting success.
  • Optimisers use a data-driven approach to optimise their food choices to help them reach their goals.
  • Optimisers make data-driven decisions to find the best foods for them while still enjoying their food.
  • Optimisers don’t need to have faith in a named diets.
  • Optimisers are empowered to take their health into their own hands.
  • Optimisers strive, not for perfection, but to be better than yesterday.
  • Optimisers don’t believe in nutritional dogma.  There is no one “diet” to rule them all.
  • Optimisers challenge and examine their existing beliefs, especially around food and nutrition.
  • Optimisers are curious and eager to learn and improve themselves each day.
  • Optimisers value progress over perfection.
  • Optimisers are not afraid of trying new food.
  • Optimisers believe they are valuable, worth the effort and can make a positive impact in their world.
  • Optimisers do what they can to improve what they can control.  
  • Optimisers are empowered by the food they eat.

Where next?

To kickstart your journey towards optimal get your free program and one of 70+ food lists personalised just for you!  

Marty Kendall