Big Fat Keto Lies – Introduction


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Show notes 

Welcome to the first episode of the Optimising Nutrition Podcast! 

In this first episode, I take you through a whirlwind tour of my new book, Big Fat Keto Lies, which clarifies the most common misconceptions and mistakes with low carb and ‘ketogenic’ diets through the lens of Nutritional Optimisation.

Check out the links above for a summary of each chapter, or buy the complete book here

Upcoming guests 

  • Professor Mark Cucuzella – How to Optimise Your Fat Burning  
  • Luis Villasenor (Ketogains) – The 5 Biggest Mistakes on Keto 
  • Dr Pran Yoganathan – Are we Fat Hunters? 
  • Dr Ted Naiman – Mistakes, unlearning and relearning in Ketoland
  • RD Dikeman, PhD (Type 1 Grit) – Rethinking Keto for Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Bronson Dant – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Exercise 
  • Mike Julian – The Gurus’ Guru
  • Dr Clark Connery – Metabolic Flexibility Deep Dive 
  • Dr Brian Mowl – ProFast Diet Secrets
  • Bett Lucas – How to Finally Put Your Health First
  • Lori Tilden Leeke – How to Use Your Glucose Meter as a Fuel Gauge 
  • Brian Sanders – Chasing Nutrient Density All Over the World
  • Jane Getting – Intermittent Fasting 2.0 + Nutrient Density FTW! 
  • Kelli and Dan Buckley – Optimising Nutrition – The Results 
  • Karen Lerner-Mayrand – Preventing Nutritional Deficiencies on a Vegetarian Diet 
  • Dr Josephine Grace Rajo – The Anatomy of Data-Driven Fasting 
  • Craig Emmerich – The Future of Keto
  • Diana Rogers – Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Cynthia Thurlow – Intermittent Fasting for Women
  • Robb Wolf – Can Nutrient Density Save the World?
  • Abby Lukach Q&A – Stacking All the Hacks for Breakthrough Results 
  • Ivan Gavranic – What it takes to get (and stay) Super Lean 
  • Ted Naiman and Cala Calabrese – Let’s Talk about Satiety 
  • Melanie Avalon – The best (and worst) of biohacking
  • Carol Dent – 42 lbs down with Data-Driven Fasting and Nutrient Density
  • Gin Stephens – On Leaving Facebook and the Future of Intermittent Fasting 
  • Belinda Fettke – The origins of our nutritional guidelines
  • Sidi Riza – 20kg in 5 months with DDF and the Masterclass 
  • Professors David Raubenheimer, Professor Stephen Simpson and Dr Ted Naiman – Protein & Nutrient Leverage Leverage  
  • Dr Andreas Eenfeldt – THE Diet Doctor

What the experts are saying at Big Fat Keto Lies