Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass

The Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass is our ultimate tool to help you dial in your nutrition quantitatively dialling in your nutrition.  

Once you’ve learned to listen to the signals from your body in the Nutritional Optimisation Program, the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass takes you to the next level to teach you to refine your diet based on biometric feedback (i.e. weight, body fat, muscle mass, waist and blood sugars).   

The Masterclass will guide you through the process of quantitatively dialling in your carbs, fats, protein and calories using Smart Macros before teaching you how to dial in your micronutrients to meet minimal requirements and final your optimal requirements to optimise your satiety, vitality and health.

This Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass will teach you to:

  • identify new foods and meals that you enjoy that align with your goals, 
  • phase-out less than optimal foods,
  • identify your shortlist of go-to foods and meals (i.e. Your Personalised Optimal 30/30), and 
  • maximise your intake of essential micronutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids) using food to optimise your health and satiety, and
  • quantitatively dial-in your macronutrient intake (i.e. protein, fat and carbohydrates) to align with your goals and your biometric data (i.e. weight, body fat, waist and blood glucose levels).