Nutrient Optimiser Food List Bundles

The Nutrient Optimiser algorithm uses a quantitative multi-criteria analysis to rank foods and meals to suit an individual’s needs and goals using:

  • nutrient density (i.e. nutrients per calorie), 
  • satiety (i.e. the degree to which a particular food will make you feel full with fewer calories), and 
  • insulin load (i.e. foods that promote more stable blood sugars and insulin levels).

If you’ve used the free Nutritional Optimisation Quickstart Guide, you will have come across the most popular food lists.   

While it’s best to start with an optimised shortlist of foods, in time, you may outgrow the simple list and be ready to take it to the next level.   

In addition to being ranked using our unique algorithm, these food lists are also filtered based on their popularity.  Beyond the most popular food list (i.e. top 50 foods), the popular (i.e. top 100) and common (i.e. top 150) foods will give you a wider variety in your food choices as well as an opportunity to incorporate foods that are more nutrient-dense.   

These food lists are grouped into three categories in the tables below:

  • goals – common goals such as fat loss, diabetes management and popular nutritional approaches such as low carb, keto, vegan, and carnivore;   
  • conditions – foods that provide more of the nutrients that are associated with common health concerns; and   
  • nutrients – targeting a specific vitamin or mineral.   

The food lists towards the top of each table have a higher nutrient density, however, there may be others that more closely suit your goals or preferences.  The tables below show the nutrient score and nutrient fingerprint (like the example below). You can compare the micronutrient and macronutrients profile of the food lists before you make your choice.  

Click on the list below to download a bundle of the most popular (50 foods), popular (100 foods) and common food (150 foods) lists for only USD$20.


The foods list bundles listed below cater for different goals and preferences.  

approachND scorefingerprintpurchase
maximum nutrient density 97%fingerprintbuy now
lean bulking/bodybuilder94%fingerprintbuy now
nutrient dense (maintenance)92%fingerprintbuy now
fat loss90%fingerprintbuy now
blood sugar & fat loss86%fingerprintbuy now
common deficiencies85%fingerprintbuy now
bivalve vegan81%fingerprintbuy now
maximum satiety 81%fingerprintbuy now
pescatarian78%fingerprintbuy now
blood sugar/diabetes 74%fingerprintbuy now
low carb (nutrient dense)70%fingerprintbuy now
carnivore (nutrient dense)66%fingerprintbuy now
high carb (nutrient dense)63%fingerprintbuy now
plant based (nutrient dense)60%fingerprintbuy now
plant based (maintenance)58%fingerprintbuy now
nutrient dense (maintenance)58%fingerprintbuy now
athlete/bulking/growth 56%fingerprintbuy now
carnivore (maintenance)48%fingerprintbuy now
ketogenic 45%fingerprintbuy now


The food lists below emphasise the nutrients that are related to various common conditions.  

approachND scorefingerprintpurchase 
fibromyalgia96%fingerprintbuy now
depression94%fingerprintbuy now
osteoarthritis94%fingerprintbuy now
PMS94%fingerprintbuy now
osteoporosis94%fingerprintbuy now
fatigue91%fingerprintbuy now
multiple sclerosis91%fingerprintbuy now
cognition90%fingerprintbuy now
dyslipidaemia89%fingerprintbuy now
gut health89%fingerprintbuy now
female fertility 89%fingerprintbuy now
asthma86%fingerprintbuy now
sleep/insomnia86%fingerprintbuy now
male fertility85%fingerprintbuy now
mitochondrial boosters85%fingerprintbuy now
ADHD84%fingerprintbuy now
estrogen dominance84%fingerprintbuy now
acne84%fingerprintbuy now
autism83%fingerprintbuy now
gout83%fingerprintbuy now
hypothyroidism83%fingerprintbuy now
anxiety82%fingerprintbuy now
hypertension81%fingerprintbuy now
allergies 81%fingerprintbuy now
arthritis78%fingerprintbuy now
pregnancy78%fingerprintbuy now
low oxalate76%fingerprintbuy now
low testosterone75%fingerprintbuy now
gestational diabetes68%fingerprintbuy now


These food lists provide more of individual essential nutrients. 

approachND scorefingerprintpurchase
Niacin91%fingerprintbuy now
Phosphorus90%fingerprintbuy now
Zinc88%fingerprintbuy now
Riboflavin84%fingerprintbuy now
Selenium83%fingerprintbuy now
Vitamin B1282%fingerprintbuy now
Pantothenic acid81%fingerprintbuy now
Thiamine81%fingerprintbuy now
Iron80%fingerprintbuy now
Vitamin B679%fingerprintbuy now
Vitamin E79%fingerprintbuy now
choline78%fingerprintbuy now
Copper77%fingerprintbuy now
Folate76%fingerprintbuy now
Magnesium74%fingerprintbuy now
Vitamin A71%fingerprintbuy now
Potassium70%fingerprintbuy now
Calcium70%fingerprintbuy now
Sodium70%fingerprintbuy now
omega 369%fingerprintbuy now
Vitamin K168%fingerprintbuy now
Manganese67%manganesebuy now
Vitamin C62%fingerprintbuy now
Vitamin D58%fingerprintbuy now

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