Nutrient Density Bootcamp & Challenge

Think your way of eating is the best?  Here’s your chance to prove it!

We want to give you the opportunity to showcase your diet.

During the Nutrient Optimiser Six Week Weight Loss Challenge it was exciting to see how health, vitality, satiety, and weight loss occur when people focused on micronutrients.  

The average participant was able to lose more than 5% of their starting body weight.  The top ten participants experienced a weight loss of more than 11% in just six weeks!  

But it was also fascinating to see the nutrition nerds competing for the top spot on the Nutrient Optimiser Leaderboard.  

We really want to continue building on that passion thread with a new competition to focus on maximising nutrient density!

Should you avoid ‘bad food’?

Unfortunately, most advice around nutrition ends up being about guilt, restriction and focusing on what you shouldn’t do.  

  • Don’t eat too many calories
  • Don’t eat too much sugar  
  • Don’t eat too much fat
  • Don’t eat saturated fat
  • Don’t eat animals
  • Don’t eat plants
  • Don’t eat too many carbohydrates
  • Don’t eat too much protein

The problem is though, it’s hard to do ‘the right thing’ when you’re starving hungry and your body is craving for essential nutrients!  

Eventually, your appetite wins out!

What’s the solution?  

Rather than making you feel guilty, we want to help you do the things that are actually good for you!   

Once you focus on optimising your nutrition at a micronutrient level, the ‘bad foods’ become less attractive and everything falls into place.  

What is the best diet for humans?

Lots of people talk about nutrient density and claim to have the best diet, but some of these dietary philosophies are polar opposites!  

The diets that work tend to help you reduce hyperpalatable junk food and get adequate nutrients which in turn leads to increased satiety and sustained weight loss.

We don’t care whether you call your diet…

We believe “good food” should contain adequate nutrients without excess energy.  

Win prize money!

If you participate in the competition you will get full access to the Nutrient Optimiser from the time you apply until after the competition.    

If you want to ‘put a little skin in the game’ you can pay USD$50 to enter into the prize pool.  In the first competition, we found that people who contributed to the prize pool were more motivated and lost twice as much weight.  

The winner will be the entrant with the highest nutrient density score on the Nutrient Optimiser Leaderboard at the end of the competition.

Image result for money

25% of the money from the prize pool will go to help cover the costs of running the competition, with the rest going to the people finishing the challenge with the highest nutrient density score.  

  • 25% of the prize pool will go to first place,
  • 20% to the second place,
  • 15% to third place,
  • 10% to 4th place, and
  • 5% to 5th place

In the first competition, we had more than USD$3,000 in the pool which really got people motivated.  Regardless of whether you are paid up, you’ll get full access to the Nutrient Optimiser for the rest of the year if you rank in the top ten.  

What do you need to do to enter?

To participate you will need to record your food in Cronometer and take photos during competition week of each meal (to verify you actually made it).

The Nutrient Optimiser syncs automatically with Cronometer so your data will be imported each day.  The Nutrient Optimiser will then recommend the ideal foods and meals to help you balance your micronutrients and improve your Nutrient Optimiser Score.  


There’s no need to worry if you don’t know the difference between a macronutrient and a micronutrient yet.   The first three weeks will be a Nutrient Density Bootcamp where we’ll take you through a step by step process to build your skills and understanding to make sure everyone is on the same level by the time challenge comes around.  

You will learn to use the Nutrient Optimiser to fine-tune your diet at a micronutrient level so you are ready to compete to maximise your Nutrient Optimiser Density Score by optimising your food choices.  

We’ll also be answering questions and providing support through the Nutrient Optimiser Facebook Group, including Facebook Live sessions to answer any questions you have.

What’s the ultimate goal?

Rather than having to track every morsel of food forever, our hope is that the Nutrient Optimiser will retrain people to eat well, following which they will be able to listen to their appetite.

We are also really excited about the Nutrient Optimiser and want to give people the opportunity to experience it!

Whether you want to compete for the title of best diet in the world or just want to learn a little more about nutrition we’d love you to join in.  We can’t wait for the ‘healthy competition’ to begin!

Sign  up here

You can sign up here and we’ll give you access to the Nutrient Optimiser and send you the Boot Camp Manual and meal plans that you can use to get started.

Further reading

To learn more before the competition starts:

To kickstart your journey towards optimal get your free program and one of 70+ food lists personalised just for you!  

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