Nutrient Dense Recipes

Nutrient density is a measure of micronutrients per calorie in food.

Consuming nutrient-dense foods enables you to eat less food while still obtaining the micronutrients you need.

Nutrient poor foods increase cravings and lead you to consume more food to get the nutrients you need.

These nutrient-dense meals provide more of all of the essential nutrients you need to thrive. They are full of flavour and will crush your cravings to give you control of your appetite!   

Fish and salad easy lunch

This is a simple lunch that you can use at home or at work.  We like to prepare the salads for the week ahead and just add a can of fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna or sardines) for an easy work lunch. The seafood provides nutrient-dense protein and omega 3s while the salad will fill with an incredible micronutrient profile.

Burgers with spinach and mushrooms

This simple recipe of lean burgers, spinach and mushrooms provides is super satiating as well as nutrient-dense. 

Mushroom & asparagus egg white omelette with greens & ham

This high satiety egg white recipe provides a ton of protein from egg whites and ham with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals from chard, mushrooms, collards, asparagus and kimchi. Using egg whites is an option to reduce the energy from the fat and increase nutrient density and satiety. In spite of this, we still get plenty of choline from the ham.

Beef, ham, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and mushrooms

This mixed meal of ham, beef, greens and mushrooms is full of flavour and a wide spectrum of nutrients to help you max out your nutrient density score!

Salmon, spinach and Brussel sprouts

It’s hard to go wrong with salmon for protein and omega 3 and the greens in this meal boost and round out the vitamin and minerals.

Salmon, broccoli and purple cabbage

This is a simple dinner that provides plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals while keeping carbs low.  The salmon contains three times your daily requirements for omega 3 (a nutrient that most people struggle to get enough of) and is complemented by the broccoli and cabbage.  

Eggs in a veggie nest with ham

This colourful feast was created by Angela Gourlay who won the Nutrient Density Challenge after using the Nutrient Optimiser to maximise her micronutrients. In the process, she lost 8.2 pounds!

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