Which NutriBooster Recipe Book is Right for Me?

With so many NutriBoosters recipe books available, some people ask, ‘Which one is right for me?’

No matter your unique goals, preferences, or tastes, NutriBoosters has a recipe book with your name on it. 

The following how-to is all about making your best selection, maximising your investment in the e-book you choose, and optimising your nutrition with healthified, delicious recipes.

Nutrient density

Nutrient density is central to all of the NutriBoosters recipe books.

Every NutriBoosters recipe starts with a full-colour picture showcasing foods lovingly optimised to maximise essential nutrients (i.e., vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids).  Whether you consider yourself a culinarian, a foodie, or a chef, prepping these recipes will make you look great, literally and figuratively, because they taste as good as they cook, and they are nutrient-forward.

We wrote NutriBoosters recipes to help you fine-tune your recipes to your individual goals and preferences.  

We don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” nutritional prescription, so you won’t find any of that “round peg in a square hole” nonsense in NutriBoosters recipes.   Each NutriBoosters recipe book balances maximising nutrients per calorie with adequate energy intake to suit your unique preference or context. 

Listed in the table below is the nutrient fingerprint for the top 50 recipes for each goal in terms of the essential nutrients necessary to meet Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI–to prevent diseases of deficiency) and Optimal Nutrient Intakes (ONI–which are 2-4 times higher than DRIs).  Some examples from the nutrient fingerprint charts for the Fat Loss NutriBoosters appear below. 

The essential NutriBoosters 

The table below lists our most popular recipe books tailored for a range of goals, from aggressive fat loss to bulking, diabetes management and everything in between.

  • The ‘metrics’ column details the blood sugar and waist:height ratio (W:H) that aligns with each goal.
    • People who are overfat (with a waist:height ratio of greater than 0.5) require NutriBoosters with greater satiety to empower them to eat less without excessive hunger.
    • People whose blood glucose rise more than 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/L require meals with a lower insulin load to help them stabilise their blood sugars.  This also helps normalise appetite and hunger by avoiding blood sugar crashes.   
  • Click on the name of the book in the left-hand column to access more details for that specific book. 
  • Click on the ‘DRI’ and ‘ONI’ in the right-hand column to see the nutrient fingerprint of that recipe book (i.e. micronutrients and macronutrients).
Fat lossFat loss with greater satiety and less hunger and cravings due to nutrient deficiencies and adequate protein to prevent muscle loss.W:H > 0.5DRIONI
Maximum nutrient densityMaximum nutrients per calorie.NADRIONI
High protein:energyHigh protein:energy ratio for aggressive fat loss (i.e. PSMF or high P:E).W:H > 0.5DRIONI
Blood sugar & fat lossDesigned for anyone with elevated blood sugars and body fat to lose.W:H > 0.5
BG rise after meals > 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/L
Low carb & blood sugarDesigned for stable blood sugars and weight maintenance on a nutritious low carb diet.  Ideal for someone with diabetes or anyone who enjoys a low carb way of eating.W:H < 0.5
BG rise after meals > 30 mg/dL or 1.6 mmol/L
MaintenanceDesigned to help you maintain your body weight providing plenty of nutrients to live a healthy and energised life. W:H < 0.5DRIONI
BodybuildersGain muscle without excess body fat.W:H < 0.5DRIONI
Athletes & bulkingDesigned to support activity or growth with an eye on nutrient density.W:H < 0.5DRIONI

The other books

The table below lists the other books tailored for different preferences and goals.  We have worked hard to create the best version of these dietary approaches based on preferences and particular conditions.  Each suite of recipes is optimised for nutrient density as much as possible while still aligning with each goal.

GoalAppropriate forDRIONI
Nutritional ketoIdeal for someone who enjoys a ketogenic way of eating but does not require therapeutic ketone levels.DRIONI
Therapeutic ketoDesigned for people who require therapeutic ketone levels (e.g. for epilepsy, dementia, or Parkinson’s).DRIONI
Plant-basedThese are the most nutrient-dense plant-based recipes available.DRIONI
VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense vegetarian meals.DRIONI
Low carb vegetarianNutrient-dense low carb vegetarian meals to help stabilise blood sugars.  DRIONI
PescatarianThese are the most nutrient-dense pescatarian recipes (i.e. vegetarian plus seafood).DRIONI
Egg-freeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs. DRIONI
Dairy-freeThe most nutrient-dense meals without dairy. DRIONI
Egg & dairy-freeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs or dairy.DRIONI
MeatThese are the most nutrient-dense meals that contain meat (i.e. beef, pork, chicken, etc., without seafood). DRIONI
ImmunityThese recipes prioritise the nutrients that support healthy immune function (i.e. vitamins A, C and D, iron, selenium, zinc and potassium). DRIONI
Cancer (weight loss & nutrient density)Designed for someone with cancer (i.e. less glutamic acid and methionine) while maximising nutrient density and satiety to promote fat loss.DRIONI
Cancer (weight maintenance)Designed for someone with cancer (i.e. less glutamic acid and methionine) while providing enough energy to maintain a healthy weight.DRIONI
Cancer (weight gain)Designed for someone with cancer (i.e. less glutamic acid and methionine) while providing plenty of energy to support weight gain after cancer treatment.DRIONI

NutriBoosters Recipe Group

The NutriBooster Recipes Facebook Group has more than seven thousand people passionate about optimising the quality of the food they eat to give their body what it needs.  We have been working hard to grow a Nutritional Optimisation Movement and entice more people to join the growing number of people solving the puzzle of nutrition to give their body the nutrients you need to thrive.

We love sharing NutriBoosters and the daily recipes created, photographed, and posted by members.  Join us for a preview of the recipes and to learn more about how and why we went to all the effort to create this unique series of books!  The WELCOME mat is always out!

Are the books available in hard copy? 

We sometimes get queries from people about whether they are available in hard copy.  Unfortunately, this is not possible for a number of reasons:

  • The cost of printing and shipping 75 pages of colour photos would be beyond the reach of most people.  We want Nutritional Optimisation to be as accessible for as many people as possible.
  • Each of the recipes contains hyperlinks to the secret recipes on the Optimising Nutrition website to show the micronutrient profile.  This wouldn’t be possible with a printed copy book.
  • Many people use their tablet, phone or computer for recipes these days.
  • We are conscious that many people want to limit their environmental impact, and the footprint is minimised by doing the shipping and printing electronically.

If you want a hard copy, you are free to print your favourite recipes from the book and even the website. 

Should I buy more than one book?

After purchasing one book, many people ask if there is a package deal to purchase more than one book or all of them together. 

The answer is no.  We have designed each recipe book to contain all the recipes suited to your goal.  Not only do they have 33 of the highest-ranked recipes suited to your goal in the book, they have a secret link to 100+ recipes on our website to ensure that you never run out of recipe options to try. 

Because there are 400 recipes spread across 26 recipe books, each recipe has been used 3.3  times (on average), so you may find some duplication between similar books.

The only scenario you might need to purchase another book is when you make significant progress and change your goals.  For instance, if you start with the Blood Sugar and Fat Loss NutriBoosters and your blood sugars become consistently stable, you can then transition to a more aggressive weight loss approach with the Fat Loss NutriBoosters and eventually to the Maintenance NutriBoosters.  You might eventually want to transition to the Athletes & bulking or Bodybuilders NutriBoosters once you reach your goal and become more active.