Non-Scale Victories with Data-Driven Fasting

We love data, but only because it empowers people to achieve the quality of life benefits they want. 

Not everyone wants to be a biohacker because they love all the data. 

We believe strongly that you just need the minimum effective dose of ACTIONABLE DATA to ensure you get the results you want.

We love seeing how people feel and vicariously sharing in their non-scale victories after implementing Data-Driven Fasting and getting the nutrients their body needs when they eat.

Here are some fabulous examples from our last Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge.

I deleted my fasting timer!  It had started to let it rule me.  I need it anymore.  I guess that counts as a psychological non-scale victory!  (Frances)

I have had more energy than I ever had with IF and am feeling more nourished as well!  (Bethany)

I have only had to take short-acting insulin twice this week. That’s 12-19 times less than usual (depending on if I eat 2 or 3 meals a day).  (Katie)

My energy is better, and I feel more in tune with my body.  (Rachel)

I don’t have any cravings. It’s quite freeing.   It feels like my life is not revolving around food or thinking about food for the first time in a long time, and that’s a fantastic feeling.  (Kelsey)

I can tie my shoes!!  (Carole)

Learning what hunger feels like.  (Kim)

I’m a 2-year IFer. I am enjoying eating daily vs ADF.  I feel more in control of my food choices and appetite (if that’s even possible, I’m eating before becoming ravenous now).  I feel great and am enjoying the process!  (Stacey)

I don’t crave stuff ALL ….. THE ….. TIME! So freeing.  (Sarah)

Waking BG is trending lower. As my A1C lowers, I’ll be able to stop Metformin completely.  Feeling good!  Not craving the sweets like I thought I would. Eating TMAD and hungry for each one!  (Raelene)

I have cheekbones!  (Rachael)

My snacking has stopped.  (Angela)

Three flights of stairs and still able to talk and smile.  (Bees)

That I was able to jump right back in after two-plus weeks of eating dessert. I know what to do to get back on track.  (Karen)

I bought clothes off from internet and… they FIT!!!  (Simona)

I got into my goal jeans… I need a pair of size smaller now!  (Missy)

I felt terrific at yoga this morning…  powerful!  (Sherry)

I found my waist.  (Sherry)

I ignored my boredom signal to eat and waited until I felt actual hunger. That’s a biggie for me!  (Snezana)

The elastic on my favourite sweatpants is loose!  (Colleen)

Climbing stairs and hills with a lower heart rate and easier breathing.  (Sue)

I bought a new dress in a smaller size — and IT FITS!!!!!  (Kelly)

Trying a belt on and having to put another hole in it if I wanted to wear it again.  (Donna)

I got over my fish aversion and found a white fish that I don’t just tolerate; I CRAVE it!  (Lisa)

My rings are slipping around.  (Jacki) 

Fit into a jacket I bought a long time ago, zipped up and loose. Down 3 inches in my waist!  (Jen)

My cravings in the evening are gone. Huge for me.  (Christina)

My hubby had knee-high boots custom fit for me.  I always had to stop the zipper when I to the widest part of my calf.  I put them on yesterday to got out, and they zipped straight up!  Hubby said: “If you’re gonna keep up this good work, I’m gonna have to get your new boots that fit.  You Look incredible!” (Karen)

Congratulations everyone! 

Here’s to more quality of life, as people implement the simple process that is DDF.


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