Michael’s Marvelous Masterclass Mass Loss!

Congratulations to Michel who topped the weight loss leaderboard in our June/July 6 Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass with a massive 25 lb (11.4 kg) weight loss in just six weeks!   

Each week, the Smart Macros Algorithm provided him with updated targets to ensure he continued to move toward his goal.  

With a bit of planning, it all started to fall into place! 

We never did get that fig leaf photo, but now, he’s all smiles and looks great! 

As he dialled in his macros, his weight tracked in line with his aggressive goals at a rate of 1.9% per week.  

Not only did he lose weight, but he also lost 19 lb or 8.6 kg of fat a phenomenal rate of 4.4% per week!  

Harnessing his why and staying focused on this goal was critical.

Once found his Why, the Masterclass was the perfect method.  

It’s not just about restriction.  Nutritional Optimisation is about changing the way you view food that helps you make better choices.  

Want to be part of the next masterclass?  

You can join in the next Six Week Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass which will be commencing Saturday 22 August 2020.   Sign up here to get the early bird discount!  We can’t wait to see what will happen on your journey towards nutritional optimisation! 

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Marty Kendall