The Best (and Worst) of Biohacking | Melanie Avalon

Melanie Avalon’s podcast synthesises complex topics and brings them to life for her listeners.  

Her podcast episodes are a fascinating DEEP dive into the topic to elucidate the practical application and the pros and cons. 

We had a ton of positive feedback from my interview on her podcast.  Our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group exploded after she and Gin Stephens started raving about it all the time on their Intermittent Fasting Podcast

After binge-listening to her podcast with a wide array of fantastic guests, I had many questions for Melanie. 

It was great to get her on the other side of the interview mic for a rare video interview, including:  

  • How did you get interested in biohacking?  
  • Why did you start the biohacking podcast?  
  • How did you deal with imposter syndrome?  
  • How long did it take to feel like you owned the role?
  • You have experimented with a lot of different nutritional extremes.  What have you learned from each?  
  • What do you eat most often these days?  Do you identify with a particular dietary camp now?
  • What is “biohacking”?  How do you define it? 
  • Is there any free lunch in biology?  Or are we just trying to align our modern environment to align with our evolutionary biology?  
  • How can technology help us live in line with our evolutionary roots?  
  • What biohacks have you found most helpful?
  • What biohacks have you found least useful?
  • Supplements vs nutrients from food – what are the pros and cons of each?
  • What have you learned from tracking glucose and ketones?
  • What eating routine have you found that works best for you?   
  • What biohacks are you most excited about in the future?
  • How do you think big data and artificial intelligence will change the future of healthcare? 
  • What wisdom do you have when guiding someone to find the minimum effective dose of biohacking for them?
  • What are the pitfalls that you have encountered on your biohacking journey that you would recommend others avoid?  
  • What is the most exciting thing you learned from one of your guests that changed your life?
  • Who are your biggest inspirations in nutrition and biohacking?
  • How does someone find the balance between biohacking to live a better life vs living their life without overcomplicating it?   

You can also check out my brain-bending epic chat with Melanie on her podcast here.  Some people have told me they have listened to it three times!  

Melanie Avalon discusses the pros and cons of biohacking and big fat keto lies


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