Maureen’s All Smiles After Her Data-Driven Fasting Challenge!

Congratulations to Maureen, who achieved some wonderful results in our first Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Challenge.

Maureen’s goal was to trim some fat to optimise her health.  

While she was already pretty healthy, she wanted to do whatever it took to achieve optimal health.  

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After making some progress as a DDF beta tester, she was eager to make some changes to get the results.  She was thrilled at her initial progress without feeling deprived.  

Unfortunately, knowledge and intelligence don’t always guarantee success.  Following a system that works consistently tends to yield the best results.  She surrendered to the process and got out of her own way, stopping her habit of overthinking things and was thrilled with her progress.  As she chased a lower pre-meal trigger value, her weight, body fat and waist measurement followed the downward trend.  

Over the 30 days, her trigger dropped from 97 to 83 mg/dL, she lost 7 lbs weight (which was all fat), and her waking glucose went from 94 to 83 mg/dL! 

She was even brave enough to post some photos to share her progress in the group! 

Maureen found that using her blood sugar as a fuel gauge helped her pay attention to her own body’s signals.  

In the end, she was all smiles and thrilled with the outcome.  

Congratulations Maureen!