Margaret Pushes Toward Optimal with Data-Driven Fasting

Congratulations to Margaret, who achieved some remarkable results over just four weeks with Data-Driven Fasting.  

While most people try fasting to reverse diabetes or lose fat, Margaret’s goal was to gain health and energy as well as achieve a weight goal of 57 kg (125 lbs).  

As she chased her pre-meal trigger down from 4.6 mmol/L to 4.0 mmol/L, she lost a phenomenal 8.1 kg (18 lbs) or 12% of her body weight in just 33 days.  This is a super impressive rate of 2.4% weight loss per week!   

Margaret is a singing teacher, conductor, wife and mother of three.  Despite some family celebrations and plenty of stressful days dealing with working out how to teach singing in lockdown, she was able to use DDF to get back on track. Margaret said,

“Thank you so much, feel incredible. Have the most energy I’ve had in forever, and my skin is practically glowing. My favourite thing about it was getting back to eating with intention. DDF just made it all so easy. Congrats on developing such an awesome program. Excited to see this getting out there and helping people.”

But more than simple weight loss, we also encourage people following DDF to prioritise nutrient-dense high satiety meals when they do eat, to maximise fat loss while preserving lean mass.  

Tracking changes in body fat is useful to ensure you are losing fat and not precious lean mass.  The “stacked” chart shows Margaret’s lean mass and body fat changes.  We can see that during the four weeks, she lost 9.7 kg of body fat (21 lbs) and gained 3.2 kg of lean mass!

Spectacularly, she also lost 13 cm (5.2 inches) off her waist (16.5% reduction in her waist circumference).    

If you’re interested in the detail, I have included Margaret’s spreadsheet below. Most days she was able to eat two meals per day, while some she was able to eat three, others only one.

I essentially followed a low histamine version of AIP (which is usual for me anyway) with a greater focus on nutrient density and protein loading early in the day. My daily calorie count was only coming in around the 700-900 (I just wasn’t hungry for more). I also started exercising more seriously again. The thing I enjoyed the most was the energy I gained.

“Wasn’t quite brave enough to take before and after shots, but snapped this before work a couple of days ago and was amazed by how clear my skin and eyes are and how the dark circles under my eyes have all but disappeared!”

Congratulations Margret!  


3 thoughts on “Margaret Pushes Toward Optimal with Data-Driven Fasting”

  1. Can you explain the gain of 3.2 kg of lean mass? I guess I’ve watched too many of Coach Greg Ducette’s (a professional body builder) videos of late so I’m skeptical of a 3.2 kg gain of lean mass in just 30 days. Googling says women doing weight training can gain between 1/8 pound to 1/4 pound of muscle per week for newbies. The weight loss is fantastic nevertheless.

    • Yeah. This is just based on the numbers from her bio impedance scales, it’s not DEXA, and can be influenced by changes in hydration. Most people lose lean mass with weight loss or fasting, so any increase is a great thing.

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