36 thoughts on “manifesto”

  1. Superb work! The manifest lays out a convincing framework that allows us to objectively compare different nutrition regimens. The information would be of immense help for every person seeking to fine tune what they eat, based on their objectives and current state of metabolic health.

    This document deserves to be widely read and expanded on even further. I look forward to future revisions (needs a bit of proofreading and cleanup),

    I’m convinced that the info has helped me pinpoint exactly how to jump start my stalled weight loss efforts. (I’ve realized that I’m likely do much better by cutting back a bit on my 70% fat intake and adding lots more green leafy veg)


    1. Thanks so much Pieter. This has a been a bit of a labour of love over the past few months in my spare time. Every time I read it I pick up new things to refine and tighten. I would love it if someone who was passionate about the topic took the time to proof / edit it.

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      1. Unfortunately I’m no expert on the science, except for what I’ve learned from reading blogs such as yours, Fat Emperor’s and many others.
        I’ve noticed that you’re continuously improving the doc, and I’ll be sure to pass on my suggestions if I spot any inconsistencies and potential improvements.

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  2. On Page 59 of your manifesto:

    “Fibre is not digestible by the human gut and hence it does provide energy or cause a rise in
    blood glucose or insulin.”

    Don’t you mean “Doesn’t provide”?
    Or am I missing something?


      1. I believe fiber does provide energy (if you have healthy gut) in the form of SCFA (metabolism of herbivores). This can be a significant component of staying in ketosis.


      1. Marty, it’s not logical for whites and yolks both to have higher %CHO than whole eggs. Clearly there’s something wrong with your data source.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have removed the slashes as suggested. Happy to give you access to the .doc version if you want to do a thorough edit. I’m hoping to make it into a useful document. It’s become a pretty solid spare time project!


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