Intermittent Fasting Secrets for Women | Cynthia Thurlow

2xTED speaker and host of the popular Everyday Wellness Podcast Cynthia Thurlow had just finished writing the manuscript for her new book specifically on intermittent fasting for women when we recorded this chat.  

In a world where more often equals better, Cynthia delivered a ton of practical and pragmatic information to help women navigate this often challenging time while maintaining optimal health.   

Over the past few months, Cynthia has become a great friend and advocate for Data-Driven Fasting, helping spread the word about the insights your pre-meal blood sugars can provide!  

In this whirlwind chat, we discuss:

  • Why can fasting and/or weight loss be harder for postmenopausal women?
  • What are the symptoms that women might experience when they push things too hard for too long?  
  • What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting vs extended fasting/ADF/OMAD, particularly for women?  
  • How do blood sugar, insulin and other hormones vary across the monthly cycle?  
  • Why does weight vary across the monthly cycle?  
  • How does what you eat affect your energy, food cravings and weight on an intermittent fasting lifestyle?  
  • What do you typically eat to ensure you maintain lean mass and metabolic health?  
  • What part of the cycle is the best or worst time to fast?  
  • How can women avoid sabotaging their health journey due to TOM cravings?  
  • Should a woman’s food choices vary across the month?  How much should they listen to their body vs fight the cravings?  
  • How can we support thyroid health when fasting?   


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