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GoalAppropriate for
Fat lossDesigned for rapid fat loss with less hunger and cravings due to nutrient deficiencies along with adequate protein to prevent muscle loss. 
Maximum nutrient densityThese are the most nutrient-dense recipes available!
Low carb & blood sugarDesigned for stable blood sugars and weight maintenance on a nutritious low carb diet.  Ideal for someone with diabetes or anyone who enjoys a low carb way of eating.
Blood sugar & fat lossDesigned for anyone with elevated blood sugars and body fat to lose. 
BodybuildersGain muscle without excess body fat.
High protein:energyHigh protein:energy ratio for aggressive fat loss.  
Nutritional ketoIdeal for someone who enjoys a ketogenic way of eating but does not require therapeutic ketone levels.
Therapeutic ketoDesigned for people who require therapeutic ketone levels (e.g. for epilepsy, dementia, or Parkinson’s).
Plant-basedThese are the most nutrient-dense plant-based recipes available.
VegetarianThese are the most nutrient-dense vegetarian meals.
Low carb vegetarianNutrient-dense low carb vegetarian meals to help stabilise blood sugars.   
Maintenance Designed to help you maintain your body weight providing plenty of nutrients to live a healthy and energised life.  
PescitarianThese are the most nutrient-dense pescatarian recipes (i.e. vegetarian plus seafood).
Egg-freeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs.  
Dairy-freeThe most nutrient-dense meals without dairy.  
Egg & dairy-freeThe most nutrient-dense meals without eggs or dairy.
Athletes & bulkingDesigned to support activity or growth with an eye on nutrient density. 
MeatThese are the most nutrient-dense meals that contain meat (i.e. beef, pork, chicken, etc.).  
ImmunityThese recipes prioritise the nutrients that support healthy immune function (i.e. vitamins A, C and D, iron, selenium, zinc and potassium).  
Cancer (weight loss & nutrient density)Designed for someone with cancer (i.e. less glutamic acid and methionine) while maximising nutrient density and satiety to promote fat loss.
Cancer (weight maintenance)Designed for someone with cancer (i.e. less glutamic acid and methionine) while providing enough energy to maintain a healthy weight.
Cancer (weight gain)Designed for someone with cancer (i.e. less glutamic acid and methionine) while providing plenty of energy to support weight gain after cancer treatment.


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