In their words… responses to the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass

It was super exciting to see how people have responded to the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass.

People found the step by step guidance based on their own diet and biometrics encouraging. 

By following the personalised guidance, Tammy lost 8.1 kg (or 18 lbs) at a rate of 1.6% per week…

… not to mention 8.4 kg of body fat!!! 

Once people selected their target rate of weight loss and fat loss and began to see progress, they worked hard to achieve their goal.  Having a projection of where they would end up at the end of the six weeks kept them focused and motivated.

The community was invaluable, with everyone coming together to share their insights and encourage each other!  Systems, tools and educational content are only part of the solution. It’s the community that really makes it come alive.

But as with anything worth doing, you need to invest some time to learn new skills and make the incremental changes.  

We packed it full of a lot of theory and practical implementation in just six weeks and tried hard to over-deliver on value.  We worked hard to compile the essence of all our data analysis and systems into an intensive six weeks of the masterclass. So it wasn’t surprising that some people found it to be like ‘drinking from a firehose’.  But even then, they plan to come back for another round!  

Once people get what they need from the food they eat, their appetite settles down.  Once they focused on food quality they were no longer plagued with guilt and stress over food quantity.  They could trust their appetite again as a helpful friend rather than an out of control enemy.

People who had been battling with diabetes saw their blood sugars drop to much healthier levels.

Before long it becomes a habit.  

Stylgar felt he’d unlocked the “secret of life”?  

But nutritional optimisation is not just about weight loss.  A number of people who had been using Nutrient Optimiser for a while were able to focus on body composition, performance and healthy ageing.

And just when you thought you knew it all!  

People found that eating nutrient-dense meals is not about deprivation.  There is so much food!  

And we really like this one from Abby.  

Dialling in fat to optimise satiety was a big deal for a number of people.

We can’t tell you how thrilled we were to see the system work in line with the predictions from our satiety analysis.

People enjoyed trying the recipe books optimized to suit their goals.

We were thrilled to see people no longer feeling like slaves to an uncontrollable appetite.

We really want to remove the dogma and help people move towards agnostic nutrition that works for them.  

After years of work analysing, writing articles and developing Nutrient Optimiser and the Masterclass, it’s so satisfying to see it work so well in practice.  

We’ve also learned a LOT from seeing how people respond and continued to refine the materials and processes in preparation for the next masterclass.  

We can’t wait to see how people go with the new and improved version!