Green omelette

This green omelette is a great way to get some extra spinach into your omelette by blending it into the egg mix! If you don’t love spinach this is a great way to ‘hide’ it. As you can see, this recipe provides a great micronutrient profile.


One serving provides 230 calories, 29 g of protein, 10 grams of fat and 3 g of net carbs.


The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.  


Eggs 2medium
Egg Whites  150g
Spinach 50g


  • Add liquid egg whites with spinach and mix in a blender.
  • Cook omelette mix in a non-stick frypan.
  • Add sugar-free sweet chilli sauce and salt & pepper to taste

Suitable for

  • fat loss
  • blood sugar & fat loss


  • Monica Kendall  


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nutrient density61%
lean bulking/bodybuilder43%
fat loss67%
blood sugar & fat loss65%
blood sugar & diabetes 41%
athlete & bulking34%
ketogenic 42%