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Check out our resources and tools to help you start your journey of Nutritional Optimisation.

Food Lists

  • A simple food list is the simplest way to start your journey of Nutritional Optimisation.
  • We have created a suite of food lists tailored for different goals, conditions and nutrients.

Data-Driven Fasting 101

  • Our short DDF 101 course will give you a quick overview of what we teach in detail in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge.
  • You will also get access to our 210-page DDF Manual and our DDF app when you join.

Meal Plans 

  • See what a week of nutrient focussed eating looks like with our meal plans tailored for different goals and preferences (including the Healthiest Meal Plan In the World).

Nutrient Deficiency Quiz

  • Take our quick nutrient deficiency quiz to find the nutrients you’re likely missing and the foods and meals that contain them based on your symptoms.

7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge 

  • Identify your priority nutrients and the foods and meals that contain them with our 7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge.
  • This is a great intro to our Micros Masterclass, where we guide you to optimise your nutrition at the micronutrient level. 

Macro Calculator

Health Conditions

  • Search our database of health conditions to find the nutrients related to more than a thousand health conditions and the foods that contain them.

Join Our Community

  • We’re working to build a community of Optimisers who support each other on their journey towards Nutritional Optimisation.
  • We’d love you to join our private platform where you’ll get daily recipes, articles and 24/7 support.

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