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Browse our free tools and resources to help you optimise your nutrition.

Food Lists

Download our bundle of 69 nutrient-focussed food lists tailored for a wide range of goals and preferences here.  You’ll also get access to our awesome Optimising Nutrition Community.

Free Macro Calculator

Use our free macros calculator to estimate the protein, carbs and fat to reach your goals. 

Data-Driven Fasting app

Try our Data-Driven Fasting app (free) to find your blood glucose trigger and access our self-guided DDF Program.  

Nutrient Deficiency Quiz

Take our quick quiz to find the nutrients you’re likely missing and the foods and meals that contain them. 

7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge

Take our 7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge to identify your priority nutrients and the foods and meals that contain them. 

Health Conditions

Search our database of health conditions to find the nutrients related to more than a thousand health conditions and the foods that contain them.

NutriBooster Recipes

Access our massive database of 600+recipes optimised for various goals and preferences. 

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