Fish omelette & greens

This omelette recipe has been designed to maximise satiety and nutrient density. It makes for a very nutrient-dense way to start the day that will set you up to manage your appetite.

It uses egg whites and whole eggs to provide plenty of protein and nutrients with moderate levels of dietary fat to allow you to use the fat on your body for fuel.  Spinach and egg are always a great combination, while the nutritional yeast adds some extra flavour and B vitamins. Egg yolks contain choline and vitamin A which can be hard to obtain in your diet while still keeping the protein:energy ratio high.


This recipe provides 380 calories, 50 g of protein, 16 g of fat and 5 g of net carbs.   


The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.  


  • 2 whole eggs
  • 150g egg whites
  • 90g fish (e.g. mackerel, sardines)
  • 30g semi sun-dried or fresh tomatoes
  • 50g rocket or spinach, fresh or wilted
  • 5g nutritional yeast (optional)


  • Place the greens on a serving plate or if you prefer you can wilt the greens and add to the inside of the omelette.
  • Beat the eggs and egg whites in a bowl.
  • Heat a small frypan on medium heat and pour in the eggs, use a wooden spoon to scramble slightly this speeds up the cooking time.
  • Add the fish & tomatoes to one side of the eggs.
  • Flip the empty half over filled half and plate up on the greens.

Suitable for 

  • Nutrient-dense maintenance 
  • Athlete & bulking 
  • Maximum nutrient density 
  • Bodybuilder 
  • Fat loss  


The ranking of this recipe is shown below.  Click the links to see the highest-ranking recipes for each goal.

nutrient density86%
fat loss80%
blood sugar & fat loss76%
blood sugar & diabetes 88%
athlete & bulking40%