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Fat Loss Recipe Book

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99% of recipes do not consider food quality to empower you to manage food quantity!

Do you have time for a 20-ingredient recipe that takes two hours to prepare?   

Do you have a maths degree and the nutritional knowledge to formulate a truly balanced meal?

Do you want to waste time following recipes that are complicated and never work?

Find out how we reinvented the recipe genre to create simple, delicious, and nutritious meals optimised for rapid fat loss.

You, like thousands of other people, probably just want simple, nutritious, and delicious meals. 

But most recipe books don’t consider who YOU are and what you need to optimise your health. 

Most of them are full of decadent comfort foods which might be great for special occasions, but not every day. 

Then there are the diet books that claim that theirs is the only way.  Unfortunately, most people rebound after these restrictive diets because they don’t provide enough nutrients. 

We got sick and tired of recipe books that give no consideration to vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.  

We knew we had to create something for us and all the people who are suffering because their food is driving them to eat way too much to obtain the nutrients they need.

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Why don’t recipe books provide a full nutritional label with all essential vitamins and minerals that their recipes provide?  If they did, it would reveal some MAJOR nutritional gaps.

We spent four years analysing thousands of recipes.  Only a handful of them don’t have significant nutritional shortcomings!

The debate about which diet is best is never-ending. Unfortunately, rather than identifying foods and meals that contain the micronutrients you need, most dietary advice focuses on what not to eat. 

We believe that nutrition should primarily be about nutrients. Sadly, they are rarely even an afterthought.

When everything these days is optimised using Artificial Intelligence and big data, why shouldn’t you be able to optimise the nutrients in your food?

Our technology and systems are designed to do just that.  Our ambitious goal is to reinvent and revolutionise the recipe genre by bringing the essential micronutrients into the spotlight using a data-driven approach.

We are now the only company that can create recipes that are nutritionally balanced at the micronutrient level.  They also look and taste amazing!  Naturally occurring flavour and colour is a sign that your food is packed full of the micronutrients you need.   


Hey, this is Marty.

I have been in your shoes.  I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  

I tried all the diets on my quest to lose weight and feel better about myself, including Paleo, low carb, keto and weighing and measuring everything I put in my mouth.  

While all of these approaches taught me something and were useful to an extent, I found that it easy to gravitate to nutrient-poor foods that left me constantly hungry and with cravings that would often lead to rebound binges.

I wanted to find a way to optimise my food choices to manage my hunger and appetite, while still getting the nutrients I required to optimise my mental and physical performance.  

We cracked the code to optimise food quality, so you don’t have to micromanage food quantity!  

To understand how I could manage food quantity without so much willpower and fighting my instinct, I crunched the numbers on six hundred thousand days of food diaries from thousands of people like you, living and eating in the real world.  

I published hundreds of articles about the theory of nutrient density, satiety and optimising blood sugar and insulin levels. 

But I finally realised that, if nutritional optimisation was going to become a movement, I needed to make it as easy as possible for you to implement in your kitchen.   

So, we partnered with a fantastic chef and designer Saskia Lesser to craft delicious recipes that are easy to make.

The meals in this book of recipes optimised for fat loss have a higher protein to energy ratio to maximize satiety.  

They also prioritise meals that contain more of the nutrients that are typically harder to obtain for people trying to lose body fat (i.e. vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, C, D, E and K1 as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc and omega 3).  

These recipes have enough protein to ensure you lose more fat rather than precious muscle and provide ample micronutrients to prevent the cravings that often lead to a rebound binge.  

They will be ideal for someone who wants to lose a lot of weight quickly or a bodybuilder who wants to lean out for a competition.  

They are the most satiating and nutrient-dense meals available.  They will help you lose body fat quickly with less hunger and cravings.   


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What you will find in our recipe book designed for rapid fat loss

  • 1An ebook with 33 of the most nutritious meals optimised for rapid fat loss (that you can take with you anywhere on your phone or tablet).  
  • 2A secret index of links to the 150 most nutrient-dense recipes optimised for rapid fat loss on our website so you will never run out of nutritious ideas to try. 
  • 3Access to all of the recipes pre-logged in Cronometer.
  • 4A list of the most popular nutrient-dense foods optimised for rapid fat loss.

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