Nutrient-dense recipes optimised for fat loss

Most people interested in nutrition want to lose weight!  Unfortunately, few people achieve significant weight loss.  And even fewer sustain it.  

Simply eating less of the foods that made you fat will leave you hungry and with cravings that will sooner or later to binge and undo all your hard work!  Eventually, your survival instincts will triumph over your calorie tracking and self-discipline!  

Instead of only focusing on how much you eat (food quantity), you also need to change what you eat (food quality) to increase your chances of long term success.  

These recipes have been engineered to maximise satiety to help you feel full with fewer calories while avoiding nutrient cravings which so often derail our dieting efforts.

Mushroom & asparagus egg white omelette with greens & ham

This high satiety egg white recipe provides a ton of protein from egg whites and ham with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals from chard, mushrooms, collards, asparagus and kimchi. Using egg whites is an option to reduce the energy from the fat and increase nutrient density and satiety. In spite of this, we still get plenty of choline from the ham.

Mushroom micro salad with pastrami and ham

This nutrient-packed salad was David Casebeer’s secret weapon during the Nutrient Density Challenge in which he made some significant progress optimising his diet and his health in just four weeks:  

  • weight loss = 10.8 lbs or 4.9 kg
  • body fat change = 2.2%
  • waist = 1.5 inches lost
  • fasting blood sugar reduction = 55 mg/dL!

Burgers with spinach and mushrooms

This simple recipe of lean burgers, spinach and mushrooms provides is super satiating as well as nutrient-dense.  Just try to overeat this recipe. We dare you!

Beef, ham, broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts and mushrooms

This mixed meal of ham, beef, greens and mushrooms is full of flavour and a wide spectrum of nutrients to help you max out your nutrient density score!

Fish and salad easy lunch

This is a simple lunch that you can use as at home or for a regular work lunch.  The seafood provides nutrient-dense protein and omega 3s while the salad will fill you up and rounds out the spectacular micronutrient profile.

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