Are We Fat Hunters? | Dr Pran Yoganathan

Gastroenterologist Dr Pran Yoganathan is the best thing on Instagram. 

I love how he manages to communicate nutrition science in a pithy, thought-provoking,  and entertaining way.  We have come to a very similar perspective on nutrition through different lines of research.  

It was a ton of fun to get to chat about a range of topics, including: 

  • Why did you create your Instagram page?  What are you trying to achieve?  
  • When did you realise you had a gift for thought-provoking Instamemes?  
  • How did you fall into nutrition as a doctor?  How did you arrive at your current views?
  • Why are you so confident when what you say radically opposes the beliefs of your peers?
  • Why do you believe nutrient density is so crucial?  
  • Why do you think there is such a big push towards plant-based diets?   
  • What role does fibre play in a healthy gut microbiome?  
  • Can we optimise our dietary choices based on analysing our gut microbiome?  
  • Why do you bring everything back to an evolutionary context?   
  • What do you find works best for your patients?  What dietary changes do you recommend?  
  • What foods do you recommend most people avoid?  
  • What do you eat on a day-to-day basis?  


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