Debbie reaches her goal with Data-Driven Fasting

Want to try a quick brainteaser? 


Starts with an “S” and describes Debbie (Deb) Baker.   


Sixty, South Australian. smart, single-minded, svelte, short…success story…

Don’t mistake this as just another word game for the road-weary.  It’s a quick list of adjectives describing the new and improved, happier, healthier Deb 2.0.  

“For once in my life, I now feel like ‘petite’ fits my body in stature and not just height.” 

At 5’1” (155 cm), and 123 pounds (56 kg), Deb is certainly Wikipedia-certified as “petite,” but that’s one of the few small things about Deb.  She measures as a giantess in many others.  Just take a look at her stats, for example. Thirty-seven-pounds (17 kg) gone in fourteen months! Talk about single-minded determination.  

But here’s the kicker. Fifteen of those pounds (6.9 kg) were shed in less than three months of Data-Driven Fasting, after Deb experienced a regain in December, 2020.  She was “concerned that once more, I would be back to where I started and the yoyo cycle of my life would continue.”  But that didn’t happen. Instead, using DDF protocols, Deb lost 11%, or 6.9 kg (15 lb), of her total body weight, and she “hit a low I never thought I’d see again at almost 61, a 27” waist.” You’ve already seen her pictures to prove it. 

“This is thanks to DDF fine tuning my fasting over the past 3 months and bringing me into a range I never thought possible at my age. For most of my life my shape was more of a barrel or a beer keg except for a few hot minutes where I did some amateur body building in 2009 and 2014.”  

But don’t mistake shedding pounds and inches for the takeaway message here. Deb considers her greatest achievement not what she’s lost in her journey, but what she’s gained—optimized health, better glucose control, a personalized way of fasting-—no more OMAD—and of course, her trophy waist. 

“When the student is ready the teacher appears,” observes Deb sunnily, crediting Marty Kendall and Alex Zotov with her success. But it was her own sense of self-determination and self-direction that brought her to DDF the first time around, and the second, when she joined the March, 2021, Data-Driven Fasting Challenge.

“I stumbled across Marty in Feb 2016 and his blog “Using your Glucose Meter as a Fuel gauge. Unfortunately, I was so entrenched in the keto world back then, and convinced that was the answer, I did not stick with what was suggested in the blog and I was more on the “testing ketone train” – funny how we latch onto a ‘thing,’ isn’t it?”? 

For Deb, the “keto train” has pulled out of the station, leaving her satisfied standing on the DDF platform, waving the caboose further down the track with a fervent “goodbye!”  Musing as she watches it out of sight, Deb shares her personal observations:

Debbie said, “I realised that lumpy graphs are ok (bumps in the road are nothing to stress about). Perfection is not needed.”

My body did not like fasting 21 hours a day – I did not feel any stress, but underneath, my body was stressed about the length of fasting.  

I have suffered from Gastric Dumping when breaking my fast since doing the longer fasts last year. I tried all different foods to break my fast, no rhyme or reason as to why it happened one day and not another day.  But within four days of following my glucose meter – it stopped and has only come back when I accidentally do a fast longer than 18 hours.

I now know I need to eat twice a day – about an 8-hour gap max – clean fast in between to lose weight or maintain.

I now know how to manipulate my meal makeup to allow better fuel burning (changing meal structure within one day) – all are high protein first and foremost. One will be high fat and low carb, and the other high carb and low fat generally.

I now understand how eating later in the day impacts my BG the following day, which then has a flow-on effect of when to break my fast the next day and adjust what I eat to recover from the planned treats.

I now understand what foods may give me a good BG response but are just not satisfying. There’s just no point in eating them.

I’m more interested than ever in the link between nutrient density and weight loss and satiety and want to teach and preach it to the world for those that are “stuck” and have tried everything.

Marty Kendall and Alex Zotov, Thank you for my missing piece – Intermittent Fasting 2.0 and your incredible work with Data-Driven FastingOptimising Nutrition and having such excellent resources available free to all who seek it.  This process has been such a joy. It still is!!!

(How many Deb “S” words did you find?)

Congratulations Debbie!!!  We’re super happy for you.

Let go of the struggle, embrace DDF discovery and have fun.

Oh, I reached my goal at 60 – 22%  body fat.

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