Data-Driven Fasting Program

Most people love the group challenge environment.  However, we found that some people prefer to take things at their own pace.  So we created the Data-Driven Fasting Program

The Data-Driven Fasting Program has all the features of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, including group support where you can ask your questions and the DDF app, but without the weekly Live Q&As.

The Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Program will guide you through the following phases at your own pace.


  • Identify your blood glucose trigger that you will use to validate your hunger.  

Your current foods & meals

  • Learn how the foods and meals you currently impact you and which ones:
    • spike YOUR blood glucose,
    • crash your blood sugar and leave you ravenously hungry,
    • leave your blood sugar and insulin elevated for days? 
    • make you feel satisfied, or
    • allow your blood glucose to return to baseline so you can eat again sooner.
  • Develop a shortlist of foods and meals that you enjoy and work for your unique metabolism.

Hunger Training

  • Delay eating until your blood glucose is below your trigger to ensure that you only eat when you need to refuel. 
  • Progressively deplete your blood glucose and burn more of your unwanted body fat.  

Kerb Your late-night binging

  • Use your waking blood glucose to identify if you are eating too late.

Main Meal vs Discretionary Meals

  • Anchor your eating routine with a Main Meal to ensure you get the nutrients your body requires.  

Optimise your routine  

  • Use your blood glucose data trends to optimise what and when you eat. 

What you will get

  • A structured program with daily lessons to guide you to optimise YOUR fasting routine.
  • The Data-Driven Fasting app to track your data and guide your progress.  
  • 190-page manual, complete with detailed instructions and answers to all the frequently asked questions.
  • A workbook to reflect on your learning during the challenge.
  • A supportive community forum where you can share your journey and ask lots of questions.


  • USD$37