Data-Driven Fasting: August 2023 Success Stories Revealed!

Who thought your blood glucose could hold the key to a game-changing approach to eating?

Get ready for an adventure where the answer to “WHAT and WHEN to eat” transforms into a saga of astounding weight loss, fat reduction, and blood glucose optimisation.

In the 25th round of the Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, 577 individuals embarked on this life-altering journey.  A diverse community—a fusion of newcomers and seasoned Optimisers—united in their quest for better health and a wealth of shared wisdom.

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What Is Data-Driven Fasting? 

The Data-Driven Fasting app guides you to use your glucometer as a personalised metabolic fuel gauge.  But instead of just telling you how much gas you have left, it offers precise guidance on two age-old questions:

  • ‘WHEN should you eat?’ and
  • ‘WHAT should you eat?’

Now, here’s where the magic happens: as you patiently let your blood glucose levels dip just below your personalised glucose trigger, a remarkable transformation occurs.  

Your body switches from using glucose as its primary fuel to tapping into your stored fat reserves.  As your glucose drops, your body progressively upregulates your fat-burning furnace. 

DDF isn’t about deprivation or endless restrictions.  Instead, it’s about finding a harmonious balance between your hunger and glucose levels that tames your survival instincts, affectionately known as ‘Lizzy.’ Once a feared enemy, Lizzy relaxes and revels in the assurance that a bounty of delicious food is always at your fingertips.

Optimisers embarking on this gradually decode their true hunger signals, relishing every bite, and watching those extra pounds melt away.  It’s an exhilarating transformation that leaves them not only satisfied with their meals but also delighted with the remarkable weight loss they achieve!

Weight Loss Results

Again, we saw some amazing weight loss results in just four short weeks! 

Let’s give a round of applause to Maile, who emerges as a shining star in this journey.  She’s shed an impressive 15 pounds (6.8 kg), translating to a jaw-dropping 6.2% of her starting body weight.   

This is just one of the many inspiring charts we witness at the end of each round of the DDF challenge.

Premeal Blood Glucose

While some people fret over their glucose after eating or try to hack a flatline glucose trace, your glucose before you eat is the secret weapon that most overlook. 

The real magic begins before you take that first bite.  Managing your glucose before you eat sets the stage for an epic weight loss journey.

Waiting until your glucose level dips just a tad below your norm progressively opens the floodgates to your stored glucose and fat reserves.  This data-driven strategy puts your body on a mission to shed excess pounds.

The results are nothing short of astonishing.  Many Optimisers experienced a massive plunge in their pre-meal glucose levels, effectively draining away the excess glucose and fat that had been lurking in their bodies.   

A special shout-out goes to husband-and-wife team Cathy and Judd Bostwick, who made the premeal glucose leaderboard (see Judd’s chart below).

Waking Glucose

As Optimisers master their blood glucose before meals, it’s like witnessing puzzle pieces click into perfect harmony.  Not only does their weight find its rightful balance, but their waist-to-height ratios, post-meal glucose levels, and even those groggy waking glucose numbers all progress towards optimal.  

In a world where Type-2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome have become familiar foes, this transformation gives a beacon of hope, a critical indicator of restored insulin sensitivity and overall metabolic health.

Post-Meal Glucose

Ah, the age-old conundrum of elevated glucose after we indulge in a delicious meal.  It’s like a mystery novel with a twist—we know part of the story, which is the food we eat, but there’s another intriguing subplot at play: overall energy toxicity.

But when we uncover the clues and learn the art of pursuing a lower PREMEAL glucose, we’re not just solving a piece of the puzzle but getting to the root cause of the mystery. 

Our glucose levels AFTER we eat gracefully fall into the healthy, harmonious range.  It’s like catching the culprit red-handed and restoring balance to the metabolic universe!

Next Steps

Thanks again to all the Optimisers in our 25th Data-Driven Fasting Challenge.   Congratulations on your outstanding results! 

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