Congratulations to the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass (July 2020) Graduates!

Congratulations to the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass July 2020 graduates who achieved some AMAZING results in only six weeks in terms of:

We’re so proud of what you’ve accomplished and wanted to share some highlights.  

Weight Loss 


Michael topped the weight loss charts with a super impressive 25 lbs weight loss (11.4 kg) in six weeks.


Bobbi lost 13 lbs or 6 kg at 1.45% per week.


Meanwhile, Anne lost 15.8 lb or 7.2 kg at a rate of 1.35% per week!  

Fat loss 

But even more important than scale weight is fat loss.


Michael dropped 19 lb or 8.6 kg of body fat at 4.4% per week!!! 


Frank (who also topped the nutrient density leaderboard) dropped 4 kg or 9 lb body fat.


And Sue dropped 4.3 kg of 9.5 lb of body fat at a rate of 2.6 % per week while gaining lean mass after starting some bodyweight resistance training at 70! 

Lean mass gain 

Even MORE exciting than fat loss, we saw some solid gains in lean mass (which is critical to metabolic health) as people lost weight as they dialled in their macronutrient and micronutrients.  Among them was Candice increased her lean mass by 6.8% over six weeks!  

Nutrient density 

But the secret sauce of the masterclass is not simply macros or restricting calories.  

It’s the focus on nutrient density and satiety that leads to a sustainable optimisation of body composition.  

A focus on nutrient-dense foods enables us to get more of the nutrients we need with less energy.  Once we find new foods and meals that we enjoy and provide higher nutrient density and satiety, we can achieve sustainable weight loss and improved energy levels with fewer cravings.  

This time around, with our nutrient-dense recipes embedded into Nutrient Optimiser, we saw even higher nutrient scores.  

Camilla, who topped the leaderboard for the first two masterclasses, was pipped at the post by Frank with his super system for optimising nutrient density!  

NameONI score
Frank Platteau97.7%
Camilla Caton97.6%
Carol Monahan95.2%
Sue Davies93.7%
Laurie Loyer89.7%
Paula Sallin86.1%

Based on their current diet, Nutrient Optimiser provides food and meal recommendations to fill in the nutrient gaps to ensure Optimisers achieve a truly balanced diet at a macro and micronutrient level.  Rather than focusing on restricting calories and deprivation, we love seeing participants ‘get it’ as their focus turns to nourish their body with the nutrients they need more of.  

The Optimal Nutrient Intake Score is essentially the area to the left of the 100% line in the nutrient fingerprint charts as shown in Frank’s example below.  

How Can I Calculate My Nutrient Intake?

If you’re interested in checking if you’re getting just enough dietary phosphorus, you can check your nutrient profile using our Free 7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge

After a week of tracking your current diet in CronometerNutrient Optimiser will give you a prioritised list of foods and NutriBooster recipes that will help you plug your current nutritional gaps.

Level Up Your Nutrient Density

To help you level up your nutrient density, we’ve prepared a Nutritional Optimisation Starter Pack to ensure you are getting plenty of all the essential nutrients from the food you eat every day.    

The free starter pack includes:

  • Maximum Nutrient Density Food List
  • Sample Maximum Nutrient Density Recipe Book
  • Sample Maximum Nutrient Density Meal Plan.

To get started today, all you have to do is join our new Optimising Nutrition Group here

Once you join, you will find the Nutritional Optimisation starter pack in the discovery section here.

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