coffee with cream and stevia

The reality is, coffee is a ‘food group’ for many people, including me.

I think this is fine in the context of a balanced life that contains adequate rest and sleep and not too much stress.  Chris Kresser recently did a great podcast on the case for and against coffee that you can check out here.

We used to do great lattes with coconut sugar or chocolate powder (mocha).  These taste amazing, but once we started to get serious about blood sugar control we realised that a massive proportion of our carbs were coming from the milk and sugar in our coffees.

This option with cream and Stevia is my current default option when I’m not just having it black (which I’m slowly getting more and more used to).

As you can see below, the cream will give you some nutrition while having minimal carbohydrates.

The cream does contain calories, so if you’re going to have a few you should consider it as a meal alternative as you might bulletproof coffee.

We’ve started getting liquid Stevia these days which comes in all sorts of yummy flavours that the kids love in milk rather than something like Milo.

The nutritional analysis below shows that the coffee with cream will have a negligible insulinogenic effect, while the cream is a good source of fat and protein.  Don’t count on it to give you your vitamins and minerals though.

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We get this amazing unprocessed cream from a Malaney Dairies that is not watered down.  It tastes amazing!  And only 3.6% insulinogenic calories (using this calculator).

And thanks to Kyle Masterman for sending through this photo of his CGM after double cream in his black coffee showing that cream and coffee is very vengle on the blood glucose levels.


As you can see form the data in the table below there’s probably no need to worry about dosing with insulin for this if you have diabetes.

net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein


1g 2g 65% 94% 3%


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Marty Kendall

  • SL says:

    Interesting as always. One suggestion if I may: regarding the “Nutrition Facts”, I perhaps should know what website or software you use to make these computations, but can I suggest that each time you show this information, you indicate the source?
    Thanks. Keep up the great flow of info!

  • Karen says:

    Can diabetics drink stevia-sweetened coffee?

  • Wendy G says:

    Interesting that your cream is so thick there! I’d wager that it is higher-fat-content (and thus higher calorie) than the “heavy whipping cream” mentioned on NutritionData. The heavy whipping cream I buy in the US is fluid. In Canada it’s not called heavy (or light) cream, it’s described simply as being a percent of fat; IIRC, the highest fat fluid cream I bought there was 35%. Butter, a solid, is something like 75-80% fat, no? Does your product have a nutritional label?
    Also, PS, 50 grams?! I’m jealous, I had my intake recommended to be reduced to 1 Tbs (15 ml) 😛 so that’s what I’ve been using. 😉

  • Hey Wendy. We get this yummy stuff from a local dairy coop called Maleny Dairies. It’s pretty amazing stuff! No ingredients list, just cream. Sometimes it’s thicker than others depending on the time of year I think depending on what he cows are eating. We’ve visited the dairy a few times and it’s got really nice lush grass in the hills. It’s Moni’s happy place! I just ran it through the insulin calculator and it’s 4.3% insulinogenic calories with 45.5g of fat, 1.8g of protein and 3.6g of carbs per 100g. That doesn’t seem to be too much different to the heavy whipping cream in the USDA database.

    How is the lower added fat thing going for you? I haven’t really been weighing and measuring stuff for a while. It drives me nuts. Just trying to eat what I know to be healthy, get some exercise and get back into some more regular intermittent fasting.

  • Just wondering if you could please provide details on the flavoured liquid stevia products you use & where you get them from?

  • Barbs says:

    Milo!! You must be in Australia, my kids used to love it!! I came home from work many nights and would have no milk in the fridge and dirty Milo glasses in the sink lool.

  • Wyatt says:

    Raymund suggested coconut cream for coffee which is actually pretty good.

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